Scientist Discover Mysterious Object Orbiting The Solar System That Defies Explanation

As it seems the outskirts of the solar system is becoming increasingly strange and overwhelming. Astronomers have recently discovered a small planetoid that orbits in the most unique way around the sun.

This planetoid is being called Niku, a Chinese word that means ‘rebellious’. Which definitely suits this planetoid quite well. You see, niku has an orbit with an inclination of 110 degrees meaning that it is pretty much vertical and moves in the opposite direction than all other major objects in the solar system.

How insane is that? Niku is estimated to be less than 200 kilometers in diameter and it suggests that there is an awful lot more going on out there in the solar system than we are aware of. This discovery was made possible thanks to the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System 1 Survey (Pan-STARRS 1).

At this time it is not certain how Niku has achieved such a strange orbit, one that keeps Niku’s distance from the sun an average of 5.3 billion kilometers. But, we hope to know more on this matter very soon. It is being investigated that the mysterious planet nine could have something to do with this but of course, it seems Niku would likely be beyond its influence.


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