Scientists Confirm That People Actually Absorb Energy From Others

Scientists at Bielefeld University have recently made a groundbreaking discovery that plants are able to use energy from the plants around them when their own energy source is no longer available. This discovery has huge implications in not only the field of bio energy, but also in the process of proving whether or not humans are able to absorb energy from others in a similar fashion.

Regarding the implications for humans, psychologist and energy healer Dr. Olivia Bader-Lee argues that “This is exactly why there are certain people who feel uncomfortable in specific group settings where there is a mix of energy and emotions. . . . When energy studies become more advanced in the coming years, we will eventually see this translated to human beings as well. . . . The human organism is very much like a plant, it draws needed energy to feed emotional states and this can essentially energize cells or cause increases in cortisol and catabolize cells depending on the emotional trigger.”

More simply put, Bader-Lee states that “Humans can absorb and heal through other humans, animals, and any part of nature. That’s why being around nature is often uplifting and energizing for so many people.” One way to sense this energy is to stay centered and grounded with your spiritual self, as opposed to your analyzer or your ego. By staying fully grounded, human beings should be able to release the energy and emotions of others down their own grounding cord, and utilize it.

People should also attempt to maintain a state of non-resistance, since when human beings resist something, it often sticks with them. Instead, imagine that you are clear and translucent, and that negative energy passes right through you. Additionally, maintain space for your personal aura, and do not allow negative energy to enter this space. Give yourself an energy cleanse by focusing on the colour gold, which has a high vibration that clears away negative energy. Finally, call back your energy by envisioning a clear gold sun above your head, and compel it to be a magnet that attracts your positive energy and releases it back into you as opposed to allowing it move away to someone else.


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