BREAKING: Scientists Have Taken Photos of Invisible Entities Outside of Human Sight…

This information sounds like it came straight off the screen from the 1988 cult-classic, They Live, well, you could say that. But you can also say, that truth, is sometimes stranger than fiction. I’d agree to that.

Dr. Ruggero Santilli is the leader of Thunder Energies, he has been staffed at Harvard and MIT. It was actually his telescope, that acted as the figurative ‘sunglasses’ to perceive these entities, they term them, Invisible Terrestrial Entities.

But don’t worry, this story is about to get a lot more stunning:

A Quick Analysis Of This Peculiar Case

What has utterly stunned me about this story, is that these scientists are a part of a respected company, and claim to have had this information independently peer-reviewed. Thunder Energies has also used this same Sentilli telescope to detect entire GALAXIES composed of the same energy that these entities are. Let that simmer a bit.

These scientists are risking their careers to emit this information, they are so convinced by this revelation, that they are willing to put their ‘credibility’, and therefore livelihoods on the line.

Also, they state that these entities have been photographed near military facilities and other sensitive civilian areas. So, whomever these groups are, they are monitoring and studying us unopposed. Or, they’ve somehow infiltrated our establishments at this time. Another sobering thought.

I may also be wrong here, but don’t some of these beings, which have been labeled ‘brown’ and ‘light’ by the scientists, look a little, ‘reptilian’ in nature? I understand that this subject can be touchy, but please keep an open mind:

brownentity1                                               brownentity2

The truth may not be, ‘out there’, but rather – right outside our eye-sight.


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