Sept. Full Moon in Pisces: A Time for Love and Romance—For Those Who Let Go of Their Fears


  • “When am I going to fall in love?”
  • “It’s so scary being in love and vulnerable to someone else.”
  • “What if our love doesn’t work out?”

When it comes to being in love, our fears often come out. But September’s Full Moon is here to inspire us and give us the courage to face and overcome our fears, so we can truly love another person.

If you look up at the sky on September 16 at 3:05 P.M (ET), you will see a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurring in the sign of Pisces. The moon in Pisces brings us the opportunity to incorporate our ideals, our sense of compassion and spirituality into our lives. But because the moon is in Pisces, we may also feel a romantic yearning for the love relationship that we have always fantasized about.

This Full Moon brings us the opportunity to purge, release and let go of any fears that have stood in the way of our heart being open to emotionally connecting with another person. We realize that we are no longer victims or martyrs. We can forgive ourselves, and even those who have abused us in past love relationships.

During the Full Moon, the super charged energy of the sun and moon are in opposite signs of the zodiac. This creates a “yin and yang” of solar and lunar harmony. The bright light of the sun throws a spotlight on our subconscious where our fears and insecurities live. At first, we may feel uncomfortable because we feel naked at being so exposed. But we may also feel a sense of liberation because we are now being authentic and really who we are! We can look in the mirror and say, “I know someone will love me for who I really am!” Best of all, we are ready to forgive ourselves, if in the past, we’ve chosen the wrong person to love.

We are finally free to love!

During the previous New Moon we may have become vaguely aware of our romantic desires. We may have had miraculous epiphanies about how we would go about bringing a love relationship into our life or making the one we have more profound.

The Full Moon is an exuberant time of new romantic relationship possibilities when we must trust our intuition and recognize that now we have an opportunity to “go for it!” Here are some ways to begin.

Take a risk. To be successful, we must take the risk of putting ourselves out there for love to come into our lives. We need a plan because we cannot be all heart and no head. So, if we’ve been making any important plans to find a love relationship, the Full Moon is a time when we can turn our romantic dreams into tangible reality. We now have an opportunity to be creative and find new places to socialize and meet a new love interest. This may be the perfect time to join an outdoor-hiking group, take a dance class or go on a singles cruise. This is the time to commit to finally doing it.

Be willing to fail. We all try things and experience failure. A negative experience when we socialize can be especially devastating. It can discourage us from ever putting ourselves into that type of situation again. One single person says, “I took dance lessons and there was no one interesting to meet.” Another person says, “I tried meeting someone on an Internet dating site and it never worked out.” The Full Moon is our opportunity to try again for a more successful result.

Perfection is no longer necessary. The Full Moon in Pisces gives us the emotional capacity to be more self-accepting because none of us are perfect. This awareness allows us to be more accepting and less critical of others. We can now socialize and meet people without the critical filter that causes us to reject them so quickly. Our compassionate nature helps us understand that true love is never perfect.

Enjoy more intense connections. This Full Moon is a wonderful time to be out in public, go to parties, participate in group activities and be with friends. We feel a special exuberance to socialize with people. We are in a more loving state, especially disposed to share the joy of our life and good fortune with others. The people we connect with during this time may now become meaningful as love interests or just good friends.

If we are willing to let go of our fears and take the risk to love more deeply, the Full Moon offers us a special opportunity to find a love relationship or make the one we are in even more significant.

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