Sequel to “Marijuana Beats Cancer” Documentary (Run From The Cure 2) on Track To Become Another Viral Success

“Run From The Cure” became an underground viral video after being released online for free in 2008. This led to international conversation about oil derived from cannabis, and its ability to treat cancers and other so-called “incurable” diseases. At the same time raising many questions about the pharmaceutical industry’s reputation for holding back natural medicines, in favor of “chemical band aids”.

This documentary was a source of light and inspiration to hundreds of thousands who have either personally been affected, or watched loved ones suffered through cancer and  chemotherapy. For many people this documentary literally saved their lives.

Fast forward 6 years and Rick Simpson and documentary maker Christian Laurette have teamed up again to spread a message of hope. Run From The Cure 2 focuses on all the progress that has been made and the many people who have come forward to share their amazing stories of recovery.

Part 2 will also explain and show in detail a NEW process for making oil safely. -Christian Laurette

From the looks of the Indiegogo Campaign   as of July 31 the film was fully funded!


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