Boy Shocks Experts With Accurate Details Of Past Life As Hollywood Actor

What happens after we die?

This is an age old unanswered question, with many theories. One very interesting idea is that of reincarnation, over the years thousands of people have come forward with stories of remembering past lives. Of course these stories of multiples births and deaths,  can not be proven…or can they?

Some of those who believe they have lived before remember vivid details of their previous life/lives. In rare cases these details are able to be checked for accuracy. In this incredible story, Ryan, 10-year-old son of Baptist parents has baffled experts with his vivid and accurate accounts of a past life dancing on Broadway, and as an actor. He even remembers the street he lived on, how many wives he had, and the exact age at which he died. In this incredible NBC news piece you will get to hear his story and decide for yourself what is possible.


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