5 Telltale Signs Your Partner Wants To End Your Relationship

Most milestones in a relationship never just prop up at the spur of the moment- it is the result of accumulation of feelings and memories that you share together with that person. The same goes for breakups too, and if your partner decides to break up with you, it usually isn’t a spur of the moment decision, but there is actually a careful thought process behind it and goes on for a period of time, after which they finally come to the decision of breaking up.

In general, breakups tend to be the outcome of unresolved conflicts or deep seeded issues and pain in a relationship. This is why most relationship experts stress on the importance of maintaining a healthy communication channel with your partner in order to maintain a healthy and loving relationship. If there’s little or no open communication with the partner, it can be hard for both the people to connect with one another.

Infact, you’ll be surprised to know how many couples decide to break up just because they were unable to talk things out with their partner. It is the unfortunate truth, and that is exactly why communication is extremely important.

One of the best ways to stop a potential break up right in its tracks is to not allow thoughts and misunderstandings to accumulate into a cloud of dust, and resolve or get rid of those as quickly as you can. If you find your partner exhibiting any of the signs we’ve listed below, it could mean that you have a problem in your relationship, and you need to sit down and work things out with your partner, or there could be a possible break up. Learn to address problems right as they arrive instead of having them pile up and having them affect your relationship in the negative way.

Here are a few signs that your partner may be exhibiting that could point towards the fact that they’re thinking about breaking up with you.

1. They assume the worst in you without any reason to do so.

Your partner always feels you’re going to be at your worse. They will argue with you whenever they’re with you and will be prepared for hurtful comments from you. They will put on a brave face when they’re with you and feel that you’re the worst version of yourself.

2. They criticize and torment you on everything that you do.

Constructive criticism is okay, but if you find your partner constantly criticizing everything that you do, it could be a red flag right there. This criticism could be arising from deep seated feelings of resentment that you need to pay attention to.

3. They don’t actively pay attention to what you’re saying.

If you observe that your partner is purposely ignoring everything that you have to say, it could be hinting towards a serious issue in your relationship. As a couple, you shouldn’t make your partner feel as if their opinions and thoughts are not valued, and if your partner is doing the same, you need to find out why, because such a relationship will end up pretty soon.

4. They lash out at you regularly without substantial reason.

If you feel your partner is lashing out at you frequently for reasons you can’t comprehend, it could be hinting towards unresolved anger and pain. They may be projecting their hurt on you, and it is best for you to work out their issues and sit with them and understand the reason behind their anger.

5. They would rather hang out in group settings than spend time alone with you.

If you feel your partner doesn’t want to spend time alone with you, and is just okay with spending time in group settings or with other people around, it could be because they’re scared of getting into an argument with you, or concerned about awkwardness due to an underlying tension. Talking things out in such a situation can help.


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