Sober Fitness Center: New Approach To Addiction Treatment Is Finding Huge Sucess

This Gym Offers All Services Completely Free To Recovering Addicts Who Have Been Sober 48 Hours

Connection and support play a huge role in successful recovery of any addict, but even then many struggle with the new abundance of time on their hands. Phoenix Multisport is tackling this issue head on by offering boxing, yoga, cycling, rock climbing and more all for free. Often classes are led by members who have stayed sober and are inspired to help others do the same. With the combination of support, health focused activities, and true sense of community P.M has been experiencing high rates of recovery and continued sobriety.

Watch this clip about Phoenix Multisport, a non profit, having great success in helping addicts stay clean through a supportive sober community, hiking, yoga, and exercise.

Phoenix Multisport – Turning Point (clip) from Solpin Films on Vimeo.

We are starting to see that many of our current methods of rehabilitation are broken or incomplete. I have experienced first hand watching someones life wither away and their connections and support systems fall apart due to substance abuse, and other addictions. There is nothing harder than watching someone you love fall into destructive patterns. This video warmed my heart and truly inspired me to think different about the way we handle rehabilitation for those who struggle with addictions. There is a glimmer of hope and part of it lies in creating community, and offering healthy alternative habits to replace destructive ones.

You can also check out this video CNN Heroes made on the founder Scott Strode


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