Study Says Drinking Coffee Could Make Your Breasts Smaller

Could the amount of coffee you drink have an effect on your cup size? According to one scientific study drinking, just three cups of coffee a day could make a woman’s breasts shrink.

Swedish researchers discovered that drinking copious amounts of coffee has an effect on the size of a woman’s breasts.

According to the study published in the British Journal of Cancer, that questioned  300 women about how much coffee they drank per day, women who drank more than three cups of coffee a day had breasts that were 17 percent smaller than women who drank less than three cups per day.

The research shows that it boils down to this: Too much caffeine, they say, can have an impact on the body’s hormones, which in return can affect breast size.  They said there was a clear link between drinking coffee and smaller breasts, as bout half of the women possessed a gene shown to link breast size to coffee intake. The news was not all bad, though, researchers also found that regular coffee intake may reduce the risk of breast cancer.

“Drinking coffee can have a major effect on breast size, coffee-drinking women do not have to worry their breasts will shrink to nothing overnight. They will get smaller, but the breasts aren’t just going to disappear.” Lead researcher Helena Jernstrom of Lund University.

There are, however, a few things about this study that do not exactly sound an alarm for me. First, it was self-reported meaning the information gathered was based on each subject’s memory. When one woman recalls drinking three cups of coffee, it may have actually been six cups of coffee or maybe just two. Also, in terms of studies, this study was rather small. While 300 might sound like a lot, applicable data is best taken from much larger studies.

The takeaway message? I think a cup of coffee occasionally will not harm anyone, most things are good in moderation.


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