Sustainable Cutlery You Can Eat With – And Then Eat [VIDEO]

What happened to you eating utensils after your last takeaway meal? Chances are you either left them behind or threw them away. Now thanks to a new product based out of India you can now eat your utensils just as easily as you did your lunch.

The average American throws away 185 pounds of plastic per year, and in India 5.6 million metric tons of plastic is thrown out as waste. These edible utensils were designed to replace the massive amounts of plastic cutlery that end up in India’s landfills every single year.

These edible utensils are made out of millet, rice, and wheat flours. In addition to being nutritious and natural, they come in a wide array of flavors including black pepper, cumin, and ginger. And, if you choose not to eat the utensil you can throw it away with ease, as it decomposes within 5 days.

For Bakeys, the company behind this wonderful creation, the motivation behind the edible cutlery is drawn from issues like environmental sustainability, climate change, and the global water crisis.


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