She Ran Across Iran Expecting Danger, But Iranians Showed Her Kindness And Compassion.

A lone Swedish woman wanted to challenge her own racial prejudices by running across Iran and see what the people were like for herself. She admits it: she was deeply afraid. But her experience has brought her back to reality. 

The perception we are fed through media and entertainment is that these countries are filled with nothing but violent and extremist people. While they do exist, our perception has been molded in such a way that we only focus on some bad apples while completely disregarding the fact that we are all human and that out of the small percentage of “evil” out there, there are masses of kind, compassionate and loving people everywhere. The following video is a trailer of a documentary that will soon be released, called “Alone through Iran – 1144 miles of trust”, which documents the journey of this Swedish woman as she faces her fear and prejudice head on by meeting Iranians herself. Share this with your racist friends! 😉


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