The 10 Zodiac Signs That Make HORRIBLE Couples If Paired Together.

 10. Venus and Uranus (Taurus and Aquarius):

Aquarius is governed by Uranus, while Taurus is governed by Venus. One is the water bearer and the other is the bull- one jumps into the water while the other drowns in it. Since Venus is the planet of romance, beauty, love and calm, it can never sit in harmony with the Uranus, which symbolizes the unexpected, and is the rebel planet.

One of the major factors that make this relationship an unsuccessful one is the lack of communication, which in turn, leads to the lack of co-ordination and therefore, poor compatibility. The Aquarius does not take talks head on, while the Taurus is always pushy about arguments and conversations. Whenever the Taurus brings up a controversy, the Aquarius refuses to entertain it, which leads to fights. The lack of communication in this couple gives rise to doubts, misunderstandings and even suspicions which leads to both the partners drifting away.

Take for example, Uma Thurman who was a stubborn and strong willed Taurus who pressed charges against her ex Arpad Busson, an Aquarius in 2014 over the custody of their baby daughter. They pursued a long legal battle in which they both lost a lot financially and emotionally after which they finally came to a legal agreement after the damage was done. Taurus and Aquarius are actually polar opposites and hence the two of them were not willing to step back, which is what made things worse. If the two can learn to communicate properly with dignity, they can have a stable relationship.

 9. Gemini and Cancer (The Mutable and the Cardinal):

Gemini is ruled by the Mercury whereas Cancer is ruled by the moon- and both of these signs have very little common ground. The union of both of these just means that two opposite poles have been bought together, and the biggest lack in this relationship is that they both have nothing in common. It is just two people who are not meant to be. Together, they make a combination of air and water, and they can both turn out to be restless and suffer mood swings and bouts of frustration. These both have a very high tendency of irritating each other and shutting them off. They will actually act like arch nemesis and put the blame on each other in the relationship.

Also, by nature, they have different aims and ambitions and priorities. Cancerians prefer security and a well settled life while the Gemini craves for worldly attraction and always prefers to be in motion. This heavy contrast calls for nothing but destruction.

A good example of this combination is Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Tom, being a Cancerian preferred a quiet life where Kidman fell into the world more, being a Gemini. They managed to keep it going for 11 years but ultimately fell apart.

The one plus that this couple can experience is that they both have a great sense of humor. But at the end, if Gemini had more patience with the Cancer and was willing to co-operate with them to help them tackle their insecurities and could provide them loving security, this relationship could work out.

 8.  Sagittarius and Capricorn (The Goat and the Archer):

When together, the goat and the archer are nothing but a big mistake. To make this relationship work, both the partners would literally have to be forced, because there is just too much tension between both of them to handle the relationship willingly. They also lack sexual chemistry and the life in the bedroom is a doom. The stars have always been against this couple and there are several disasters in this relationship.

A good example of the same would be of the Sagittarius Frank Sinatra and Capricorn Ava Gardner who somehow managed to keep going for 6 years of which they spent just 2 years together and the rest of the time separate. Gardner cheated on Sinatra since she slept with actor Robert Mitchum. The 2 years is also actually a long time for them to be together since this is probably one of the most doomed astrological match.

All in all, Capricorn and Sagittarius lack the spark together, and hence, they are a bad idea.

 7. Virgo and Gemini (The Virgin and the Twins):

While the Virgin is calm, the twins are dynamic and vicious, they have very little or almost no common ground. The lack of mutual interests leads them to be one of the worst stars to be placed together in a duo. They will often have nothing to talk about. The monotony will kill them.

They are destined to bore each other to death. The twins are mischievous while the virgin is clever and hence in a game, neither of the two really succeeds.

An example of a Virgo Gemini disaster is Courtney Cox (Virgo) and her ex David Arquette (Gemini). Their split was just a matter of time as Virgos are known to work very hard and they stress a lot about what they do. Deadlines are not their thing and they bring their worries home from work whereas a Gemini on the other hand take a more passive and relaxed approach and get irritated when he/she sees their partner stressed about something they consider nothing.

Financial issues also dominate this relationship. Geminis love to spend and spend like kings. They love outings and spending sprees, whereas Virgos prefer to save for rainy days. This contrast does not allow them to be on the same page. Financial issues eventually weigh them down and leave their relationship in shreds. The only thing that can come out of such a relationship is hurt and more hurt.

 6. Pisces and Leo (The Fish and the Lion):

Pisces is a water sign, while Leo is a fire sign, and when together, both of them are bound to be the death of each other. They make a very unbalanced and uneven match together. This relationship does not have a lot of space to grow, which is why, it grows apart. This duo can be frustrating together since the Leo will want attention, while the Pisces is too self-centered and can be wrapped up in their own thoughts and may be unable to pay attention to anyone.

A good example of a Leo is Selena Gomez and just like other Leos out there, she does not like to feel like an afterthought.

The start of this relationship will be like a fairytale and they will be both swept off of their feet, but romance is not everything. After the initial phase fades and it is time for long term commitment, they will both fail to work and then start to see the incompatibility between them, and slowly get weary and tired of trying to cope with each other.

Pisces can actually put a damper on the creativity and enthusiasm of the Leo, and while Leos demand worship, the Pisces never actually cares enough to submit themselves. This is why this relationship quickly becomes a nightmare and eventually both of the partners call quits. The only way to make this relationship work is that both of the partners need to be clear with one another from the very beginning about their needs and expectations from the relationship.

 5. Gemini and Scorpio (Gemini and Scorpio):

One of the biggest setbacks of this couple is the lack of quality time they spend together. At first, they will experience intense sexual chemistry but with time, it will fade into a haze of frustration.

A good example is Katy Perry who is a Scorpio and Russell Brand who is a Gemini who, just after a year of dating, walked down the aisle only to be divorced two years later.

Both of these signs are too extrovert for their own good, and can easily be pulled into doubt about each other and cannot handle the relationship easily. The Scorpio tends to be more open which can scare the Gemini off and into their shell.

 4. Aquarius and Cancer (The Water Bearer and the Crab):

The reason why the sign of Cancer is represented by the crab is that they are too clingy for their own good and for their partners. They can dig their nails into someone and it is almost impossible for one to distance themselves from the Cancerians. This clingy nature of Cancer is in contrast with the easy-going and free thinking nature of the Aquarius, which makes this couple an absolute disaster.

A good example would be Wilmer Valderrama and Lindsay Lohan- the crab and the water bearer didn’t go well together. The couple was last seen together in 2014.

The Aquarius wants freedom and liberty in a relationship which the Cancerian doesn’t like. They like to feel safe, protected and secure, which is not something what the Aquarius wants. The lack of mutual trust is what makes this relationship a failure.

 3. Libra and Pisces (The Scales and the Fish):

Libra is governed by Venus while Pisces is governed by Neptune and this combo can never really work out well. Their relationship may seem very optimistic in the beginning, but eventually when times are no longer smooth they may be unable to handle the pressure of reality together and can even go ahead and ignore it.

They both prefer to wait and see the problem escalate to the extreme rather than working it out and solving it at the initial level. They often dig the grave of their own relationship without even realizing the intensity of their actions. A good example is Libra Gwyneth Paltrow and the Pisces Chris Martin who uncoupled after 12 long years of marriage simply because they turned their faces away from each other frequently.

 2. Leo and Taurus (Fire and Earth):

Together, the Taurus and Leo can be a bad idea- they are just not meant to be. Their union is not favored by the stars due to their contrasting natures. Both of the signs are demanding and have very high expectations from each other, sometimes which are far from reality. Both of them tend to drain each other physically and emotionally.

Both of the signs are also constant attention seekers and can get irritated when the partner demands affection and care. They also have tough egos and a sense of pride in themselves, and hate compromising. The couple Mick and Bianca Jagger suffered a similar fate and failed to make their union work. Their relationship may look perfect but in reality, it is far from perfect.

 1. Aries and Cancer (The Ram and the Crab):

The Aries and Cancer couple may be a great team together but when in a relationship, it can be severely platonic, especially since their emotions come into play. Their emotions can make this union a disaster since the Aries has a wanderlust and tend to crave long travels whereas a Cancer prefers a settled lifestyle.

Their thoughts contradict a lot with each other since they are both never really on the same page.


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