The 12 Sure Signs Your Body Gives You When You’ve Found ‘The One’

There are a lot of cliches surrounding the concept of love- things like butterflies in your stomach and your heart skipping a beat. But they have been repeated so many times that they feel like nothing but tired expressions.

There are, however, certain signs that tells you that you have found Mr Right. There are some telltale signs that your body will give you when you are with him, and it’ll help you understand that he’s the one.

Give this a quick read to understand them.

The Signs:


When you’re with him, you get a nice warm feeling. If you feel cold and uncomfortable with the guy you’re with, get off at the next stop. The ideal relationship makes both the partners feel warm and fuzzy when they’re with each other.


If you end up feeling constantly depressed whenever you’re with him, he’s probably not the one. However, if you feel more optimistic and happy when you’re in his company, he might be the one.


If being around him makes you feel more positive, motivated and energetic, and gives you the will to be more productive, he’s probably the one. The wrong guy will make you feel demoralized, sluggish and you just won’t feel like doing anything.

Be yourself.

The ideal man will make you feel comfortable just being yourself around him. You won’t have to guard your feelings, thoughts and words, and you can be completely easy around him because you know he won’t judge you for who you are.


It is believed that the sense of smell is the strongest of all senses, and if his scent makes you feel happy and cozy and invokes feelings of love, you’ve probably found the one.


Being around the guy makes you feel healthier- he probably encourages you to make healthy lifestyle changes, and wants you to reach the best version of yourself, and that man ladies, is a keeper!


Call it gut feeling or sixth sense, when you’re with him, you just feel right. The intuition is a strong and powerful sense, and if that sense tells you he’s a good guy, he probably definitely is.


The right man will feel hurt whenever you’re in pain too- that’s just how empathy is. If your guy can’t bear to see you in any kind of pain or discomfort, he’s definitely a great guy and probably the right one.


Cuddling is extremely intimate, and if you both do engage in a lot of it, and feel comfortable with each other and sharing cuddles, you’re definitely headed in the right direction, and he might be the perfect guy for you.


The right guy will instantly make you feel calm and relaxed when you’re around him. His presence will have a soothing effect on you, and if that happens, it is a sure-shot sign that you’re both a good match!


Even if you’ve both said good evening and departed to your homes, your body still remembers the sensations of being with him. You may experience the echo, which sometimes lasts for weeks and if that happens, the guy is probably real and worth hanging on to.


When he’s not around you, you feel an almost physical ache and experience a need to be around him. You have a sense of longing and you miss him, and if that happens, you’re probably with the right guy.


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