The 3 Clear Signs That You Recognize Someone From A Past Life

Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you believe our souls are connected to a larger world beyond the current physical vessel—your body—it inhabits?

For those of who believe we’re part of something larger, we may not have any memory of our past lives, but we may still feel strange connections to things we can’t otherwise explain. Could it be that these connections are our previous lives reaching out through the long-stored memories of our souls?

These triggers may be places, or situations, or even people. And what if those people are souls we’ve known in previous lives? Could it be that those strange connections we’re feeling are simply the result of souls recognizing each other from previous lives?

Consider these three signs that someone might actually be in possession of a soul your soul recognizes from a past life.

An instant connection or repulsion

Strong, unexplained reactions to people when you first meet them, whether positive or negative, may be the result of a memory from a previous life.

Perhaps you feel as though you share an instant connection, a bond. This could be a sign that you were close in a past life, whether family, friends, a partner, or something else entirely.

Similarly, if you feel an instant repulsion or revulsion, this could be the result of pain or suffering they caused you in a previous life. (In this case, perhaps meeting them is an opportunity for your soul to forgive them and move on.)

You feel an instant telepathy

This may not translate into actual mental messages, of course, but could be subtler signs. For instance, perhaps they send you a text just when you’re thinking of them, or perhaps someone mentions them in conversation and then you see them walk by.

In any case, you’ll feel the connection, and may not be able to explain it…but have an even harder time dismissing it away as nothing. These are likely people with whom you were very close in a past life, someone with whom you shared your most intimate self. As such, your souls are still linked.

You recognize something in their eyes

The eyes are the gateway to the soul, so it’s wholly understandable that we might recognize eyes from past lives. Additionally, no two irises are ever quite exactly the same; not even identical twins share irises. And as our irises don’t change through the course of our life, they really are like a thumbprint, unchanging.

If you recognize someone’s eyes, it’s because you’ve known them before, and knew those eyes well previously.


*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.


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