The 3 Essential Steps To Re-Claiming Your Totality

We live in very strange times. As the days continue on, this observation becomes abundantly clear for many people. Examples of this can range from rampant consumerism, technological obsession, deception from innumerable establishments, historical develops and so, so much more.

These subjects aren’t what this article is about, however. A very wide variety of outlets already perform an excellent cover of these topics, with clear perception – what about after its been said and done?

That’s what you’re here for.

Understanding the Fabric of this Reality: The 3 Fundamentals


Let’s get a little intimate on a personal level.

Currently, I am homeless, and am building my life from complete scratch – and I couldn’t be happier.

Yes, that may surprise to you, but allow me to elaborate and place each cherry of insight I have gained; in the proper manner for you. My life has been no stranger to turmoil, in so many different forms. To put this into context without detailing my life story – this is far from my first time being homeless. But I know, that it will be my last.

1.) I Chose To Do This

Leaving a perpetual cycle of multi-layered violence, to simply wander into the unknown was my decision, and mine alone. It’s as simple as that. There is no ‘secret’, no special ‘key’ I can offer you, no, as usual; we over-think our very being as it exists within the NOW. This quote from the brilliant Osho, sums this principle, so succinctly:

lotus photo

It doesn’t matter if you are a rose or a lotus or a marigold…. what matters is the flowering.

You can choose to flower, or you can choose not to. Everything is ready for you, primed to activate based upon your decision. It always has been, and always will be.

Regardless of what everyone’s personal views are on life, whether you are religious, a nihilist, an atheist, agnostic, spiritual or even a flying spaghetti monster in training; the Universal Truth is this – your choices, rest in your perceptions, and will echo into eternity with various results. You are so powerful and beautiful, which is coupled perfectly with your specific individuality – I sincerely hope you understand that.

2.) The Essential Energy for Balance: Neutrality

tight rope photo
Photo by 2bmolar

Yes, this instance may not be the first time you have been made aware of this concept; there’s a reason for that – it’s 100% true.

However, I have some clarity to share with you…

I’ve noticed many different individuals (I won’t name names) paint a rather, backwards picture of the essence of neutrality, in my opinion. These ‘gurus’ say, that you should always remain ‘neutral’ – no matter what, and reactions of any sort are detrimental to yourself. This is completely unrealistic, nonsensical and will drive you mad.

Believe me, I did my best to ride that train for several years, and every time I slipped up, I would beat myself to a pulp, thus, perpetuating a torrent of negative energy. The energy that you expend, will always return to you, no matter what it is. So, this manifested a vortex of pain within me, and if you know me personally, you’ll find I am very stubborn. I’m confident in assuming you probably have a clear idea of what the extreme versions of this cycle, can do and lead the people who participate.

You did not come here to be an empty minded husk, who constantly throws out thoughts and emotion to seek, ‘enlightenment’ on a daily basis. You are here to be human and experience the wonders this world offers. Period.

I will also let you know, that you are already enlightened. You’ve been this entire time. There is only an illusion of lack, an illusion of ‘separation’, but everything is the same energy at its core. You are, have been, and always will be connected to everything else. It is all another level of ‘you’. Once you reach certain levels of observation, you’ll see that even ‘I’ am another expression of you.

So, what about neutrality then?

To be neutral, you must carry with you the understanding that the very fabric of reality, has a level of awareness, and is compassionate about your growth. The only reason life seems chaotic and random, is simply due to a level of perception that normally, can’t see the ‘bigger picture’ – the intelligence behind the design.

My friend Stewart Swerdlow shared with me, a superb analogy highlighting this enigma:

Humanity is like an ant, running along a carpet. To the ant, the colors, patterns and the very fabric it finds itself upon, appears as nothing more than insurmountable ‘chaos’ and disorder. As it scurries, the colors change rapidly, leaving the ant unable to assess the true nature of the carpet. But, to us humans, we can clearly see that there is a fine design and indeed, intelligence to the carpet. There is intention and architecture and this is due to our observational point.

Do you understand?

I’m also aware, that when you are moving through a ‘negative’ experience, chances are you will not remain centered: that is OK.

Perhaps you may feel the need to cry, if that is so, then by all means cry to release the energy. Anger, may be the energy you feel. I’d recommend just releasing this through meditation, crying, art, exercise or a multitude of other examples. Frustration and anger are perfectly natural, and with all emotion, they are tools that can indicate issues about yourself, that you may need to look at and correct.

Bottling them and ultimately avoiding the growth, will only damage the vessel – your body. Have you ever noticed how angry people have issues with their hearts, later in life? That isn’t a coincidence.

Balance is integral to neutrality, and many reactions can create even more issues than the very ones that stemmed from them in the first place. But when you are observing, you aren’t reacting. You are watching, with an understanding that despite the event being ‘negative’, it is supplying you with what you need to grow which you wouldn’t have gained any other way. It had to happen.

Sometimes, our greatest gifts are brilliantly disguised as our largest nightmares.

Another quality to balance is this: the more you are balanced, the easier it is for you to get knocked down. Not only does it take much energy and focus to achieve balance, but the more you gain, the more sensitive you are to your surroundings, thus making it easier to fall on your face. Balance is an essential skill, as with any skill, you must work with it. You’ll get there, be gentle to yourself as best as you can as you learn this.

To summarize: feel, feel as fluidly as a newborn baby does. Don’t think about it, don’t allow embarrassment, or how others view you, control you and your birth-rite.

You are beautiful, and to feel is a part of you; as you are segmented into everything else in existence. Once this understanding has been absorbed, the acknowledgement of innate inner-growth via your experiences will come in its own time. Nothing will be needed to be ‘done’ on your end. Just observe, allow and understand – life is a result of our choices and your flowering is an integral part of this beautiful tapestry. You are very important to the fabric of this divine symphony, and always have been. Without you, it wouldn’t be ‘where’ it is currently. Think about that a bit.

3.) You Have To Take Risks

 baby bird leap photo

Life can be frightening. To not engage at all, and simply avoid it while supplementing the lack of stimulation with what is familiar, is very common in this world. Many do, and will use this as a form of escapism.

You must let this go.

If this life was ‘too much’ for you, then why are you here??? It’s as simple as that. Existence will present a pool of experience, this body can be daunting if you’ve never been within its depths. I understand that.

I took a massive risk starting my life from scratch. This is completely new to me, I’ve never done this before. Uncertainty, as usual, paid me quiet a few visits along the way, as well. At the start, I didn’t know where I was going to sleep, or even the next time I was going to have the gift of eating again. Also, where I’m at currently, it’s enveloped with a blanket of bitter winter, which did not encourage my spirits.

Even so, I knew what I had to do. For months, I consistently lied to myself, claiming that I didn’t know what to do, just to scurry into the small amount of comfort, the ‘known’ and familiar offers. But the truth was, I did know what to do. I just didn’t want to take the risks, this made me feel extremely unhappy. You can be your greatest ally, or your greatest block, as always – it’s a choice.

As I moved along, I made mistakes, but refused to be hard on myself – I’m the one who will do this. The mistakes unfolded, I brushed them off. No one else will do this, but you. That’s why it’s your experience and life. Soon, I found the support of some brilliant beautiful people. The odds were and are against me, but thanks to the energy and love of strangers, I’m going to make it. My dreams are manifesting themselves after a lifetime of pain, and it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t put my neck out there. You must follow suit, use your intuition, and any resources available to you.

Everything you need, is with you, right now. If you don’t agree, you are simply living in your excuses. Let them go, so you can finally move on. Don’t you think you deserve that?

What Are You WAITING For??

mystery photo

You didn’t come ‘here’, to be afraid and hide. If you did, you wouldn’t be reading this.

There’s a giant adventure, a real journey, and it’s waiting for you, right now as you read this. This adventure has danger, romance, mystery, knowledge, joy, sadness, redemption and everything else in between and it is yours and only yours.

If you are afraid, that is OK – be afraid. But do not allow the fear to cripple your potential, jump into that pool. Don’t think anymore, just feel and move. Perfection will never be as useful as progress. There are no guarantees about where you will go, or who will you meet or anything of the sort – but what kind of adventure tells you the ending?

I invite you to reclaim your totality, your sense of daring, this is your ride.

This world is indeed strange, but even after everything I’ve been through, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Thank-you for reading, and I hope you gained some form of inspiration and insight, to continue on. I wish you the best.


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