The 3 Manipulation Techniques All Toxic People Use To Take Advantage Of You

You may be destined to meet countless amazing people in life, and most of them will have a positive impact on your life, but there may be some who are not always looking out for you, or think good about you. It may be someone close- a co-worker, a friend, a partner, anyone.

Some of these people may have manipulation techniques that they use to control you and your life. This is why, it is important to understand and recognize these techniques and those toxic people before it is too late, and learn to stand up against these acts of manipulation.

Here are the most common manipulation techniques these people employ- watch out for these.

1. They make everything your fault.

Try as hard as you can, but these people will always make everything your fault. They will find a way to put the entire blame on you. Moreover, if you tell this person something critical, they will respond back with a harsh and tough attack on you. It is almost impossible to get them to admit that they were wrong.

2. They know what you were going to say or do.

One of the most common ways toxic people can manipulate you is by convincing you that they have it all figured out. They present things in such a manner as if you are extremely predictable, and when you say something, they’ll say that “I know you were going to say this” or “I don’t know why I am not surprised.” They’ll try to get into your head without using any logic or reasoning.

3. The three stages of gaslighting.

These people also engage in gaslighting which is the process of manipulating a person to such a point that they start questioning their own sanity. This is usually presented in three stages.

First, the toxic person does something to put you or their victim in an uncomfortable situation, which is the disbelief stage. Then, once the victim reacts to the behavior, the toxic person will tell them that they’re “acting crazy” or “being emotional.” Lastly, the toxic person will keep this game up for long enough to drive the victim actually emotional and crazy, which may also lead them into depression.


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