The 5 Personality Traits That Make People Who Like To Be Alone So Unique

Everybody knows someone who prefers spending time alone, you might even be that person. Often times these people get bad rep though. People tend to judge introverts and make assumptions about their character. Assuming that they are anxious, boring, or even judgemental, when this is rarely the case. In fact people who enjoy alone time are often some of the most unique people out there, who have a number of special personality traits.

People who like to be alone have these special personality traits:

1. They Like People

Just because someone prefers to be alone, it doesn’t mean they don’t like other people. An introvert might have a harder time making a connection with others, but once they find someone who understands them, they’ll be friends for life.

2. They’re Open-Minded

People who enjoy being alone might seem judgmental at first glance. But the desire to spend time alone doesn’t make someone judgmental. It simply means they enjoy a little peace and quiet. In fact, introverts might be more open-minded than you think.

3. They Aren’t Neurotic

The word neurotic is associated with moodiness, feelings of anxiety, worry, fear and depression – words you might use to describe a loner. But being an introvert doesn’t mean you’re plagued with anxiety, fear and depression. Introverts can be quite at peace with their inner selves.

4. They’re Great Listeners

People who enjoy spending time alone also happen to be great listeners. They actually prefer listening over talking, which makes them loyal friends who are willing to be a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen.

5. They’re Easily Over-Stimulated

People who enjoy solitude can feel overwhelmed at times by noise and large crowds. They aren’t afraid to be in social situations, but they would prefer in a cozy night in over a crazy night out any day. They enjoy the peace and quiet of being alone and being able to hear their own thoughts.


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