The 6 Things No Strong Woman Will EVER Tolerate In A Relationship

Everyone knows a strong woman- she’s the one that turns heads wherever she goes, and she knows not to take a shit from anyone. She’s pretty okay with being alone, and if you want to be in a relationship with her, you need to watch your step, because once you stop showing her the respect she deserves, she’ll walk away, no regrets.

And that’s because she knows what she deserves, and won’t settle for anything less.

Here are the 6 things that no strong woman can tolerate.

1. Disrespect

A strong woman takes respect into consideration very seriously, and she values that more than anything else. She finds value in everyone, and carefully listens to what they have to say. She knows that everyone has something to offer, so if she finds you disrespecting her, or even anyone else’s opinion, she just won’t have it. For her, it is the sign that you’re a complete jerk.

Infact, when a strong woman goes on a first date with someone, she usually pays close attention to how the man treats those around him. If she finds him to be kind and respectful, she may seem him again. If he’s not, she will probably just excuse herself, go to the toilet and not come back!

2. Dominating the relationship

Equality also plays a big role in the life of a strong woman- she doesn’t take it lightly. For her, it is the philosophy of life, and it is exactly how she treats people around her. If you expect her to fulfill all of your demands, you’re in for some disappointment. A strong woman won’t clean all your dishes and make food for you unless you do the same for her. She knows her worth, and yes, she knows that she is just as worthy as you are.

3. Breaking her boundaries

Manipulation and lies don’t break a strong woman, and that’s because she is independent. If she says no to something, it is a no. If you keep trying to get whatever it is you want, you’re basically ruining her independence and freedom, which will definitely trigger her and compel her to put an end to the relationship.

Women has been repressed for too long in relationships, and she’s finally taking the power back, so don’t cross the boundaries.

4. Not listening to what she has to say

A strong woman is confident and intelligent and knows the value of her words, and the wisdom that she has to share. If you feel you’re too smart to listen to what she has to say, you’re basically shooting yourself in the foot. A strong woman is almost always listening and learning, and if you can’t do the same, you honestly don’t deserve to be in her presence.

5. Not supporting her ambitions

A strong woman has big goals and dreams- they keep her motivated throughout the day, and she’s focused on achieving the. If you constantly put her down, don’t believe in her abilities, you’re just a toxic person for her. A strong woman wants someone who can help her grow, believes in her abilities just as much as she does, if not more. Its the only way that can help a relationship with her thrive.

6. You can’t express yourself

Yes, anyone can love a strong woman, but if you’re someone who’s not that expressive through words or actions, you need to take a good look at how things will go for you. A strong woman has her own life, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love the compliments and kind words of affection. She always loves a gentleman, and someone who is generous. If you’re constipated in your expression, she may not want to be with you.


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