The Ancient ‘Enneagram Test’ Reveals Distinct Information About Your Personality Type

This one’s an ancient method of categorizing the different personalities that exist, and is known as the Enneagram of Personality, which breaks it down into 9 different personality types. While every person can be just one type, it is possible for some people to have traits from one or all of the types other than the one that’s dominant for them.

The 9 types of personality are.

The Reformer

The Helper

The Achiever

The Individualist

The Investigator

The Loyalist

The Enthusiast

The Challenger

The Peacemaker.

While it is still not clear whether the type of personality is genetically determined or not, it is believed that it is. People who belong to the same type may have different traits in common with one another, but apart from that, they can be totally different individuals.

Also, people who belong to one type of personality may also have some traits from the personality on either side of theirs. For example, people belonging to type 5 may also have traits from type 4 and type 6.

Below is the explanation for each personality type. You may contain parts of you from all these types, but you may identify yourself more strongly with some of them than with others. It is believed that you start into life with just one of these types and as time passes, you grow into others.

Which type do you feel you belong to?

1. The Reformer

Reformers tend to be motivated by ideas of perfection and they always try to improve themselves and their environment. They always seek balance and are rarely satisfied and sometimes they can be overcritical hypocritical.

2. The Helper

Helpers tend to have a sincere personality, and they have a true love and appreciation for all things. They are sometimes viewed as emotional and possessive people but deep down they are nurturers and are selfless, socially adaptable and loving.

3. The Achiever

Achievers tend to seek approval and love for their actions all the time. Inside, they are afraid of being abandoned and worthless. Sometimes, they also push themselves way too hard just to get the acknowledgement that they desire.

4. The Individualist

Individualists tend to express more, and are always trying to be more unique, which is exactly what they are. They are also very talented and have multiple gifts which they use, and also use their strengths to create art and express themselves.

5. The Investigator

Investigators are philosophers and visionaries. They are almost always questioning things, probing into everything and thinking, and try to master certain concepts. They tend to switch perspectives very easily.

6. The Loyalist

Loyalists tend to be dedicated to what they believe and also in their loved ones. They also fear abandonment and seek the support of others. They tend to crave and appreciate guidance, and always fear the worst and are on the watch for harm.

7. The Enthusiast

Enthusiasts have an adventurous soul. They are free spirited and extroverted and always want to experience everything around them- especially the best. The only thing they are afraid of is being stuck in a routine and not having options.

8. The Challenger

Challengers have a strong willpower and are usually straightforward and powerful. Others may find them to be arrogant and blunt, but they actually aren’t that, and they infact, are just trying to protect what is important for them.

9 The Peacemaker

Peacemakers are complete harmonizers, and they constantly strive for inner and outer contentment. They are usually seen as weak, but that’s not the case. It is just that they don’t have a big ego, but yes they are definitely optimistic, confident and are also non judgemental and tolerant.


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