This Artist Does The Most Insane Paintings In The World Without Paint…



Don’t play with fire! That is, unless you are artist Steve Spazuk. He uses flames and smoke to create stunning images that are literally burned in. Spazuk uses other tools like feather brushes and x-acto knives to bring out the image within, but his artwork always begins with fire.



Using a technique he has been perfecting for 14 years, Spazuk says he creates his work with a candle or the flame of a torch, allowing the smoke to create abstract figures. Often without a picture in mind when he begins, Spazuk uses tools to intuitively reveal the image that he feels is present in the seemingly random soot figures. Allowing the art to reveal itself within the plumes of smoke is just one more unique and intriguing part of Spazuk’s technique.


In this 10 minute short film Spazuk shows us his process and tells the story of how his career as a fire artist began.


Check out his official website to see more:








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