The Black Conspiracy: Ancient Magic and The Modern World

Abnormal reports across the world have been surfacing of another ancient and mysterious phenomenon. Although conspiracy theorists have known about what they referred to as the “Black Knight Satellite” for years, only recently has it began to make it’s debut in the mainstream media.

Nikola Tesla first discovered it, however, it is believed to have been in orbit for over 13,000 years. So, what exactly is this “Black Knight Satellite”, and more correctly who is using it to monitor us?

First Known Discoveries of the Satellite in Modern Times

In 1899 Tesla first detected noises from this ancient satellite. Later, work by others in 1928 and 1973 confirmed the 13,000-year-old satellite, but some of the data was not considered to meet scientist’s standards. Many skeptics even argued that photographs taken during the mission “STS-88” were not enough to validate it.

Sky Map of the Ancient Nineveh 3300 BC

Many open-minded individuals within the Ancient Alien community have speculated on what cultures could be responsible for the satellite’s construction. The Anunnaki and their Cuneiform tablets have been included in one of the major theories that have sparked in the minds of this community. If our computer systems worked on a base-60 (sexadecimal) system, could we obtain the ability to communicate with this particular satellite? There are ancient Sky Map tablets that have been found that would suggest just this.


Read this to discover more information regarding the Anunnaki.

Speculations on the Motive of the Black Knight Satellite

What exact purpose does this black knight satellite serve? Could it be that the Ancient Anunnaki have not left Earth? Instead are some of them still here, and using their technology to watch over all of Earth? Using a nearly invisible place in Earth’s orbit would suffice as a decently safe place to achieve this very goal. Some claim that the Anunnaki watchers could use this technology for their involvement with the development of CERN and use it like a Star Gate to Earth.

Currently, we can only speculate as to what exactly this all means. It could be a secret global surveillance network, a welcoming committee for mankind, or just a little imagination ran wild….no one can know for sure yet. Mysteries like this can serve a purpose by bringing us all together to better understand these more challenging times. Could direct confirmation of ancient alien technology in space enlighten us all towards one common truth?


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