The Crystal You Should Always Carry With You (According To Your Zodiac Sign)


Aquarius, people are naturally drawn to you and want to listen to what you have to say, and that’s why, Chrysocolla is a good stone for you to carry, since it helps improve your communication skills and express your ideas and knowledge to others more effectively. Mookavite Jasper and Adventurine are also great choices, since they help you express your thoughts as well as support your naturally adventurous spirit.


Pisces, you tend to be dependable, loyal, devoted and compassionate, and you are always there to lend a hand whenever someone needs it. However, you may feel many of your relationships are one sided and that people take advantage of you too often. Many a times, you may also attract the wrong people in your life and to protect yourself against those things, you can carry the Black Tourmaline with you. This will help you be your kind self, but will prevent the negativity from drowning you down.


Aries, you are a leader and an independent individual. When it comes to having a dream or a goal, you do not hesitate to take a leap. You are extremely enthusiastic, which is why, the Mahogany Obsidian is a great stone for you and for your perseverance. If you wear this, it can help keep that drive going and provide you some extra support. The Sunstone is another good stone since it helps you express your leadership qualities.


Taurus, your patience is admirable, however, you are also stubborn, and that quality tends to hold you back. That is why, Tanzanite can help you bring the right energies to recognize the opportunities that you need to embrace. The crystal Dumortierite can also help you reduce your stubbornness and Mookaite Jasper can help you embrace spontaneity and the ability to live in the moment.


Gemini, you are full of life, energy and passion. Infact you have so much energy that people always find it enjoyable and fun to be around you. However, you also may find yourself getting carried away. Infact your high energies may let your mind wander away too far and may leave you feeling stressed and you may misplace things often. That’s why, Blue Kyanite is an amazing crystal for you, and it can allow you to embrace the spiritual energy that you have a lot, and can keep you grounded too. It can help you align all your chakras and reduce the energy blocks.


Cancerians are sentimental and sensitive and that’s exactly why people love them. They can be extremely giving and caring, so much so that they more often than not, forget themselves. Rose Quartz can be an amazing crystal for them and it can remind them to focus on themselves too, and give them the love to overcome their insecurities and can fill the holes in their heart. The Amethyst can help balance their emotions, while the Rhodonite can help them express their love and generosity better and can protect them from irritability and emotional pain.


Leos tend to draw people towards them. They often give away their joy, love and warmth to everyone that they meet, and they may be known for being centered, but in reality, they are actually quite sensitive too. For them, pride is very important, just like the lion, and Citrine would be beneficial for them since this crystal holds no negative energy and infact, works as a guard against it. This optimism can help the Leos feel more strong and empowered and can give them the much needed optimism, improve their generosity and also manifest positive things in their life.


Virgos have an ability to see things from different perspectives and they analyze their surroundings and experiences in more ways than one. They however, can be pretty narrow minded and opinionated as a result. The stone of Dumortierite can help them increase their tolerance and can help them be more open minded and will help them expand their knowledge with more excitement. They can also wear a Rose Quartz which can help them open up to receive more love from others, since they tend to close off from others around them.


Libras may struggle with finding themselves and for them, reassurance and approval is important. They have a strong desire for love which is why, the rose quartz is perfect for them. It can nourish their heart chakra. Librans also care about peace-making and are sensitive to the negativity of others, which is why, it can upset their balance. They can wear the Labrodorite to protect their aura, which will help them inspire others and still protect their emotions.


Scorpios are fierce and independent and are extremely driven, ambitious and powerful. They strive for power and sometimes, that can get the best of them which can lead them to have grudges and be vengeful. They can embrace the power of forgiveness with the Blue Chalcedony crystal which will keep them from falling prey to vengeful desires and will help them develop the qualities of trust and forgiveness and will remind them of loyalty.


Sagittarians are independent and free, and they have a policy of live and let live and usually don’t interfere with others, and remain detached. A lot of people struggle to gain these qualities which the Sagittarius so easily has. They are also entertaining and give great advice. Sagittarius, you can be assured that you are offering good advice and conveying your thoughts clearly if you wear the Aquamarine or the Blue Calcite crystal. These crystals tend to help ensure smooth and gentle communication and can offer you the strength to speak up and speak fluently.


Capricorns are drawn to the idea of success, power and achievement, and they are strong and independent, which is why, achieving goals is not a difficult task for them. They are pretty good at recognizing their skills and putting them to good use, and Citrine is a great stone for them, since it tends to attract wealth and abundance. This stone can help them manifest their goals at a faster rate, and it will also help them improve their imagination, creativity and boost their passion, vitality and life force.


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