The Easiest Way to Escape a Sinking Vehicle, This Might Just Save Your Life One Day

You’ll probably be shocked to learn that approximately 400 human beings perish every year after their cars plummet into a body of water and they are unable to escape. These numbers are supplied by Canadian researcher Gordon Giesbrecht—but there is no need for this alarming trend to exist, and certainly no need for it to continue.

Checkout the embedded video and allow Geoff Fahringer to show you how to escape, should the need ever arise. You will witness a vehicle rolling into eight feet of water, and by the end of the video, several individuals will successfully free themselves and survive. Fahringer has been a member of Collier County’s dive rescue team for over a decade, and he is eager to teach others how to master the techniques that he’s perfected.

In fact, part of the reason he preaches self-help is because there is rarely (if ever) enough time for divers to reach the scene of the emergency in these cases, let alone to reach individuals submerged in water before they have drowned.

More specifically, Giesbrecht has this message for you: “We’re telling people that you have to get out of the vehicle before the water gets up against the windows, and that’s really in the first 30 to 60 seconds. . . . Don’t call 9-1-1 from inside a sinking vehicle.”

This may seem like common-sense to a person thinking about this article, but a person inside of a sinking vehicle does not have time to think—only to react.


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