Meet “The Forest Man” Who Turned A Barren Wasteland Into A Forest Bigger Than Central Park

Jadav Payeng has been working each and every day since 1979 to plant tree’s in his home village. After an article was written about him, he gained much attention for his work, and was even titled by the Prime Minister of India, “The Forest Man”. What was once a barren wasteland is now a beautiful forest thanks to him. It all started as a means to save his home, the world’s largest river island called Majuli. At an estimated 555 hectares Mr.Payeng’s forest is larger than Central Park in New York City (341 hectares). It has also become home to a wide variety of wildlife such as rhino’s, tigers, elephants, and more.

This story is so inspiring, one person with passion and dedication can make a huge difference in this world. Watch this short documentary and learn how this humble man planted an entire forest all on his own.




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