This is The GRAND Purpose of The Zodiac that Has Been Hidden from You!


You are born on a certain date and this determines your personality. Isn’t this a little unsupported, ungrounded and specious for the majority of the world to take for granted?

It is, but only if you are unaware of the elements in play behind The Zodiac.

The science of Astrology was developed in ancient times. People back then were more focused on the spiritual science instead of the material we are mostly focused on nowadays.

And in recent times The Zodiac has been used more as a column for the newspapers to be filled with, or something to tell who you should most likely go on a date with.

But The Zodiac is much, MUCH bigger than being a tool to tell your partner’s most preferable intimate position.

It is a system designed to keep you inside your destiny, and the date you were born at has everything to do with it.

What is a date really? A numeric symbol describing the way planets were organized in a specific moment. That’s all it is. It’s better for us that way to keep track with what happens outside The Earth.

The date when you were born, the moment you were separated from your mother by getting your umbilical cord cut, for the first time your energy started working on its own.

But what does that have to do with the order of the planets?

Everything. Remember how the position of the moon affects people? Well it’s not just the moon, it’s everything in the solar system. And the way everything was organized the day you were born created an energy imprint that you started to operate with.

You still have a self that is in control but it operates within that energy imprint, soul archetype.

Think of it like this, your Zodiac Sign is the “DNA” of your spirit. Your DNA determines and defines your body, your Zodiac Sign determines and defines your spirit.

But they too are intertwined. Your DNA decides if you’ll be Male or Female giving the energy direction of your Zodiac Sign. And your sign plays a tiny role in the way your body grows because it is the spirit that drives it.

Most of us never get in control of our Inner Forces and they are the ones that drive us through our life. Well, most of us never get in control of our emotions and mind so you can put in perspective how much of the world is driven by their Zodiac Sign.

The Zodiac keeps us in check, it keeps the spirit of humanity unified, like a giant oneness that we call Humanity.

The 12 signs are all a part of a larger picture. Each sign has its own purpose, and only by working together we can accomplish the larger purpose.

And of course, you have a freedom of choice. You can choose your own path in life. But unless you are aware 100% all of the time sooner or later you’ll get under the influence of your Inner Forces. The network is flexible, just like a change in weather will not disrupt the climate.

As long as humanity’s spirit is ruled under The Zodiac you will always get back into the network no matter how far you stray away.

But our true purpose is not to run away or be under the chains of The Zodiac. It is to evolve through and beyond it. Together.

And only by getting into the core of your sign you can take a peek into the essence of The Zodiac and understand its purpose. The essence of your sign is the essence of all signs, just looked at from 12 different angles.

Bringing your spirit to the core of your sign will make it ascend. And when you ascend you’ll become the 13th sign, a unity of all the other 12. A divine version of your sign.

And you’ll enter a bigger circle. You’ll become a part of an even greater purpose. Maybe even a part of other 12 signs in another Zodiac only a much bigger one.

Imagine if the whole world understood this.

The spirit of humanity will ascend and humanity will become divine.

Maybe that’s our greater spiritual purpose.

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