The Metamorphosis Of Earth And The Power Of Imagination

When a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, a very interesting, enigmatic biological process occurs.

Inside the cocoon, a certain group of cells called Imaginal cells suddenly start to appear.

These cells start to express a completely new set of genes that are very different from the caterpillar cells.



They are called imaginal cells because they are literally imagining a completely new way of Being.

A way of Being that requires a completely new metabolism, physical structure, characteristics and behavior.

The imaginal cells are so different from the caterpillar cells that they get attacked, repressed and even killed to some extent by cells and fragments from the old dying system.

However, the imaginal cells do not give up, they continue to imagine their new ways.

As the process of metamorphosis goes forward new imaginal cells come into being and at some point, they join together and form so called imaginal discs, which lay the foundation for a new physical structure with new characteristics suitable for the new way of Being.

And so; they metamorphosis of the bug prevails and the once crawling caterpillar magically transforms into a majestic and flying butterfly.

So if you have started to feel and imagine a new way of Being yourself, and you are allowing that sensation to lead your life because you can not accept the ways of the old paradigm anymore, then its likely that you will be mentally, spiritually or even financially attacked to some extent by ‘cells’ from the old paradigm.

This can be fragments within society and/or the people around you who channel (give space to) the spirit of the old paradigm.  Do not despair. Know that you are an Imaginal cell, born to change the world with the power of your imagination. You have come here as a result of the upgrade in reality that has started the metamorphosis process of planet Earth. Have trust that just be being you, you will eventually attract your tribe (other imaginal cells) and together you will automatically form an imaginal disc which will further pave the way for the newly born paradigm on Earth.

Stay strong, have trust, keep on imagining and keep on being you because the metamorphosis of the Earth is underway.  The old ways are dying & transforming, something much more beautiful and unified is slowly taking its place. Stay courageous, unbounded & beautiful. This complete metamorphosis into a new paradigm is happening right now.



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