The REAL Reason Empaths Act So Strange Around Inauthentic People

Empaths are the most caring and authentic people you’ll come across and that’s exactly why inauthentic people are actually their polar opposite. Both of them never see eye to eye and it doesn’t take long for them to get irritated with each other.

While inauthentic people don’t usually realize this, empaths have a strong sixth sense which usually tells them when someone is superficial and inauthentic. Empaths are usually able to tell when an individual is being deceptive even when others feel they are normal. Sometimes, empaths also view a person who is trying to be friendly as someone who is two-faced and dishonest. They feel that is a negative trait, and it is something that it injected in them.

If there’s someone who is insecure and vulnerable, empaths want them to display these traits so that they can empathize with them and help them overcome these issues. If someone pretends that they’re okay when in reality they are not, empaths go down in the dumps as well because they feel that they’re being lied to.

The occurrence of any of these situations can really get on the nerves of an empath, which is why, they will do everything possible to avoid it and the people who are responsible for it. It is both necessary and important for them to do so, because for the world to become a better place to live in, empaths are necessary, and for them to remain in a positive and empathetic state is even more necessary.

Empaths must also be careful and avoid engaging in problematic circumstances to maintain their own physical and mental health. If they remain in deceptive situations for too long, it may actually become difficult for them to speak coherently and they may even become physically ill. No one enjoys feeling helpless and there are millions and billions of people in the world who are dishonest, and empaths must do what it takes to help the people they can, but also avoid those who make it impossible for them to help them.


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