The Secret To Hack Your Mind: The Most Powerful Tool For Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Stress And Other Low Vibrational States!

It’s his fault!” , “She always do this to me!”, “Why does my mother always say such hurtful things?

This is just a few of the examples of thoughts that go through our minds everyday. Making us react with feelings of hurt, shame, sadness or anger. Can someone really make us feel a certain way? Are we simply subjected to the events that happen to our lives?

Rational emotive and cognitive-behavioral therapists have argued for decades that people and external events CANNOT make us feel any one certain way, even though often it seems like so!

The Mindfulness Movement, which has roots in ancient Buddhist teachings, claims the same thing, by inviting people of being aware moment-to-moment to one’s subjective conscious experience and to not let the ego lead our emotional reactions. When the mind is trained enough in his area, one becomes aware of the “stream of consciousness”. When one becomes conscious or mindful enough, by not being blindly led by the ego, then we get a glimpse of embodying our true self, our authentic peaceful nature.

Mindfulness liberates us of the anxieties of day-to-day life, fears, anger, depression and other low vibrational states. Improving at the same time our relationships and interactions with our fellow human beings. We are then empowered by the essence of choice of electing which state we wish to let in into our body, mind and soul, instead of being at the mercy of old egotistical habits.

Watch the simple but effective short animation film that illustrate perfectly this liberating practice.

So tell us, which wolf do you feed daily?



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