The Type Of Woman He Will Truly Fall In Love With (According To His Zodiac)

Astrology and zodiac signs give us many clues about the behavior and personality of an individual. It also tells us about what each sign likes and dislikes and the things and experiences and type of people they are attracted to.

And here’s exactly that! We’ve decoded the type of woman a man of each zodiac sign likes. So go ahead and give this a quick read and discover the type of woman your soulmate or better half or boyfriend likes the most.


Aries men love women who are strong and independent. They admire people who set challenges for themselves and conquer them. They are most attracted to women who are successful and are motivated and driven.


Taurus men love women who are feminine, sympathetic and funny. For them, their ideal woman must be able to grab their attention immediately and keep them engaged.


Gemini men love and are attracted to women who are highly intelligent and creative and also have a streak of humor. They are more inclined to being with people who know how to capture their interest, and in general, are irresistible to them.


Cancer men admire and are attracted to women who have a touch of innocence to themselves. This makes them feel that they are actually protecting her and the entire scenario makes falling in love inevitable.


Leo men are most attracted to females who are confident and extroverts. They love those who are self confident and always want to give their best when it comes to anything and everything.


Virgo men are most attracted to women who are sensitive but yet, not overly emotional. They have to have a perfect balance of practicality and emotion in their women.


Librans fall in love with women who are graceful, attractive and confident. For them, the most important factor to be attracted to is their intelligence.


Scorpios always want to have the best and be the best, and that’s exactly why they love women who are passionate, independent and adventurous.


Sagittarians are most attracted to females who are energetic, adventurous and love to take up and be a part of a challenge.


Capricorns find it hard to fall in love but they’re strongly attracted to females when they feel secure and safe with them. They want someone who is passionate about their career and also has a clear set of interests.


Aquarius is always interested in women who don’t really care about what others think of them and actually does exactly what they want to.


Pisces men are most attracted to women who have a generous and affectionate heart but are still open minded and practical.



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