The Worst Quality You Have, But Hate in Other People (According to Your Zodiac Sign)

Zodiac signs don’t really predict the future, but they are actually just a way to determine a person’s specific characteristics-whether good or bad. Of course, all signs have different flaws, and all flaws don’t necessarily relate to a particular zodiac sign. This article, however, points out to the different flaws that are related to different zodiac signs.


Aries can be extremely demanding and don’t think twice about getting into anyone’s schedule unannounced and spreading themselves out in anyone’s life with righteousness so that they may give them all their time. On the other hand, if you get demanding with an Aries, they can quickly cut you out of their life and run off like the wind- this is because they are takers, not givers.


Taureans are actually very boring people, and that is probably why they also tend to get bored really easily, and have little scope of doing anything fun on their own- they just bore themselves to death. This is why, they also hate it when their company is not super interesting or fun.


Geminis are actually flight-risks in a human form. They are usually never around when people need their help or need someone to talk to. They also hate being by themselves, and need a listener or feel like indulging themselves in an intelligent conversation most of the time while they themselves rarely offer that to others.


Of the three most important things in their life, money is often a top priority for Cancerians. They love being thrifty and enjoy freebies. However, beyond this, they know that human emotions and family are much more valuable, and they hate money minded people as a result.


Just like Aries, Leos also love demanding things from people without lavishing them with stuff in return. However, when it comes to Leos, they have very specific demands- attention. Leos love getting attention, but at the same time, hate people who want as much attention as them, mostly because they don’t want to share the spotlight.


Virgos tend to be super critical about everything, even if the criticism is abrasive, harsh and unkind. They cannot tolerate anyone criticizing them even if they do the same about others. God forbid someone even pointed out a flaw in them! They are so stubborn they just won’t accept it.


Libra is the sign of fairness and justice, but that just goes as far as anything that is concerned with them. They can argue and debate tirelessly to an idea that they agree with, but others don’t. To them, justice is what they think is right- not what is actually right, and they hate it when people don’t think like them or agree with their ideas and opinions.


Scorpios can be oversensitive- it may sound like an exaggeration, but there is actually no measure of how touchy they can be. They themselves, however, are not as considerate about other people’s feelings. They may be insensitive and cruel to you, but if you do the same to them, run and hide.


Sagittarians are the masters of doing questionable things which makes them very easy to judge. They make poor decisions and have a messed up social image, but to compensate for that, they try to judge other people and look superior. They hate being judged despite the fact that they have a lot in them to be judged.


Capricorns, to put it bluntly, are cold and calculating people who like to manipulate situations and make people feel they are in control. However, in contrast, they don’t like people who manipulate other fellow people because they can see right through them, and those people seem like they are tough to control.


Aquarians tend to do everything they can to come off as different and unique- they are probably the first people to wear head-to-toe holographic on a wedding. However, they tend to be so rigid in their nature that they cannot accept individuality or uniqueness in others and can be quick to mock or ridicule people who behave in an eccentric or different manner.


Pisces tend to be lost in their own dream world- they are full of feels which makes them very emotional and needy. Sometimes they can also escape into a self-made dream world instead of living in the reality. However, do not do the same to them. They need someone to hear them cry and crib about every single thing and if that someone doesn’t, they can label them as cruel and insensitive.


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