The Worst Thing About You According To Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has their own flaws, and that’s nothing to be shy or ashamed of as far as you’re always trying to be improve and get over them. However, there are certain things that are deep set in an individual’s nature and cannot be changed. They can be kept under control but more often than not, they bubble over and take control. Here are possibly the worst flaws you may have as per your zodiac sign. Read on…


Aries are basically dumb monkeys- they’re aggressive, loud and impulsive and lack the complexity of emotions to such an extent that people often believe they’re fake. Infact they try to oversimplify things which makes them look embarrassing and as if they totally missed the point. Their lack of foresight also makes them look careless and naive. Infact they are totally delusional about how interesting they are, which makes them look like a fool.


Taureans are shallow, possessive and boring. Apart from being the most stubborn creatures on the planet, they are also more inclined towards material possessions of the world. They don’t hesitate on keeping and using those things to themselves. They also don’t play well with others.


Geminis may might as well have ADHD because they have a complete inability to focus on anything, so much so that they don’t even have their own opinions. They often merely say things for the hell of it and silently hope that no one backs up those things. What’s worse than their empty head is their ability to convince others that they are actually super knowledgeable. They are nothing but a master bullshitter and their friends often wonder if there is a real person under them.


Cancerians are childish and immature and if anyone even suggests that they are less than a special snowflake, they have a nervous breakdown. They also tend to misinterpret a lot of things around them and self-victimize themselves in most instances. You’ll find them crying ‘Why me?’ more often and it can be exhausting sometimes.


Leos are more delusional than probably any other sign. Not only are they attention seeking, but they are also attention expecting and believe that there is no human being on earth worthy of praise and affection than they are just for the simple task of putting on pants and waking up. They’re also shallow and constantly measure their self worth by the amount of retweets and likes their social media posts get, and sometimes that can be downright annoying.


Virgos can be a complete doormat, and yet, be controlling and uptight at the same time. They have multitudes to their personality and they help others only when it makes them feel good about themselves, which is actually just thinly veiled narcissism.


Librans can be sociopaths at times. People may like them because they have a chameleon like behavior who bend to people’s wishes, whims and expectations. They tend to be a people pleaser and a master manipulator. They have a cold and calculated approach and know the right things to say at the right time. Probably the most obnoxious thing about their personality is that they make empty things look interesting and cool.


Scorpios are a petty, vindictive monster. They project their insecurities into everyone else and tend to hit others before they hit them. They also enjoy watching people suffer and they convince themselves that those people deserve it, and that they deserve better. Infact, they tend to poison everyone they come in contact with.


Sagittarians themselves think, and make people think that they are smart, which is nothing but a big joke. They merely parrot slogans and ideas borrowed by other people, but inside, they’re just truly boring and can’t hold a conversation by themselves. There is actually nothing valuable going on in their heads, that is why, they fill it with cool and interesting things about what people say and do, and they also tend to exaggerate everything because nothing really interesting happens to them in their boring life.


Capricorns are super selfish and they don’t care about anyone but themselves. They’re willing to throw anyone under the bus just to get what they want. They are obsessed with status and would go to any lengths to achieve what they have set their mind into, not caring the slightest bit about collateral damage.


Aquarians think that they’re unique and take pride in that fact, but in reality they are just plain ordinary. They are completely obsessed with their individuality and they take it to such an extent that they end up alienating everyone around them just because they have a constant need to be recognized as different. They are often so deep into themselves that they don’t have time for anyone else.


Pisces claim that they hate drama, but they are nothing but that. Not only are they a magnet for melodrama but their inability to stand up for themselves make their lives a chaos. They may complain a lot about how crap their life is, but they don’t actually do anything to change it because it just seems like too much work, and they end up making themselves and others around them miserable as hell.


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