The Zodiac Signs Ranked By Which Are Most Difficult To Love

1. Virgo

Virgos are definitely the most self sufficient of all the zodiac signs and they have a very analytical approach towards everything, including their relationships. They have a managerial position and even if it is not intentional, they usually keep people at an arm’s length around them until they are absolutely sure they can trust them. This is why, most Virgos aren’t that easy to love, but once they let down their walls and open up, which is not something they usually do, they are capable of giving and receiving love. They can be amazing partners, but it can take them some time to get there.

2. Scorpio

Scorpios are the kings or queens of not knowing what they want- they tend to fluctuate between hot and cold so much that they can be quite difficult to read and understand and relate to emotionally. Scorpios can also be extremely draining as a partner, and they often find themselves in and out of relationships. However, until a Scorpio gets emotionally mature, they should not jump into a real relationship.

3. Sagittarius

There’s no sign that’s more impulsive, flighty or all over the place than a Sagittarius. This does make them exciting partners and whoever settles down with them can never be bored, but on the other side, they are actually impossible to settle down with, because they’re always chasing the next thing- another adventure and another adrenaline rush. They are horrible at being still and just existing and that’s not always good when it comes to relationships. They tend to feel content only when they find someone who doesn’t just chase them but also runs with them.

4. Aquarius

Aquarians tend to be reserved and private in general, and they don’t really like opening up and letting people in- it is not in their nature. Aquarians can also be difficult to read and generally maintain a distance between themselves and people. They need someone they can really trust and feel comfortable enough to actually be vulnerable and then fall in love.

5. Capricorn

Capricorns present the perfect picture of hard work, efficiency and practicality. They can be extremely reliable as a co-worker or an employee but on the downside, they treat every relationship as if it is a business transaction, and no partner wants to be viewed with a pros and cons list beside them. Capricorns need to learn how to trust their heart as much as they trust their head in order to find a long and real relationship.

6. Gemini

Geminis are known for being indecisive and overly emotional. This is true to a major extent which can make communication with them tiring, but it also means that they love with all their heart and put faith in what they feel. When a Gemini loves, they go all in, and hold nothing back and give themselves completely to their partner. Being loved so much can be intimidating, and that’s what can make a relationship between a Gemini and you a bit tricky.

7. Leo

Leos are dynamic and captivating. They have a confident personality and are always sure of themselves. If you’re with a Leo, you need to understand that they’re independent and they’re never going to need you. But since they have such a magical aura, it is impossible for one not to be drawn towards them. Leos tend to make everything around them more engaging and exciting which is why everyone loves them.

8. Aries

Aries are active, have an exciting personality and are full of passion, and they make their partner the center of their world. They make them a priority and do everything they can to please their partner. Infact, they can become anything for them- their partner in crime, give them a shoulder to lean on and even be their cheerleader. They strive to be the person their partner would always want to go to when they are in need. This makes them one of the most loving signs out there.

9. Taurus

There’s no one more loyal than a Taurus. When a Taurus loves someone they go in it for the long run. They are incredibly devoted and committed to the person that they love. They also leave nothing upto the imagination and everything is on the table when it comes to them- you’ll always have a clear idea of where they stand when you’re with them. This sort of devotion can be rare and really hard to find, and no one would want to let them go.

10. Libra

All Librans want is for everyone around them to be happy and satisfied and that means everyone on earth, but especially the people that they’re in love with. Librans would bend backwards just to make sure that their partner is in a good place and they would do anything to make that person happy. This makes them super easy to love, because that’s the kind of love that is impossible for someone to emulate.

11. Pisces

Pisces have the biggest loving heart of the zodiac. They tend to feel everything deeply and have a lot of emotions and no trouble expressing what they want or need from the people they love. They bring everything into the relationship and leave nothing unsaid. They will walk through fire for the person they love, and this sort of love is something one can experience only once in a lifetime.

12. Cancer

Cancerians are the biggest nurturers of the zodiac- they are big caretakers and love everyone unconditionally. They are also extremely forgiving and patient, and you can always count on them to be there for you day or night, no matter what. The Cancer can perfectly explain what love is supposed to look like, and sets a good example of how we should love each other.


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