The Zodiac Signs That Must NEVER Get Married

The Absolute Worst Zodiac Matches for Marriage

Have you come across someone that you feel you really like, but once you got to know them better, you realized how you both just don’t get along, and you are so incompatible that it feels like a match made in hell? Well, the answers may lie in your zodiac signs.

Every relationship needs efforts from both the partners to make it a successful one, and here’s a simple guide to help you through just that. We’ve outlined which zodiac signs go really well together, and which ones don’t.

Marriage compatibility

If you check your sign and find that you aren’t compatible at all with your husband or wife, that doesn’t mean you just need to send out divorce papers. Give yourself and your spouse the time and who knows, the relationship may blossom to be an amazing one.


Aries, you are independent, passionate and daring, so someone who’s a complete opposite may not work in your favor. For you, possibly the worst match is a Taurus, because they hate the chase of a relationship, whereas for you, it is fun! Taurus wants to know where they stand in the relationship, which can be pretty draining for you. You may find them to be too practical and they may find you too daring.


Taurus, you are honest, loyal and determined and believe in living a practical and happy life. For you, the worst match would be a Sagittarius, because they can be too much for you to handle. You like your peace, where Sagittarius just wants to play mind games and have fund, which you can’t understand at all. They may not take important things as seriously as you do, and you may not be able to picture a future with them.


Geminis are known for their fun loving and loyal nature, but they also always want something exciting in their life. For them, the worst match would be Capricorns because they don’t seem to have enough to excite the Gemini. Capricorns are also extremely honest, which can upset the Gemini sometimes, and they may also try to bring them down at times, which the Gemini may not always relate to, since they are dreamers at heart. Capricorns, with their practicality can make Geminis feel childish.


Cancerians are extremely emotional and have a helpful nature, and for them, the worst match is an Aquarius. This is because Aquarians are totally independent, and sometimes, they can make the Cancerian feel that they have no need of them whatsoever. The Cancer, however, wants someone who care about them and makes them feel loved. The Cancerian may also become overprotective and sweet with the Aquarius, which they may feel as if they’re being belittled.


Leos are charming, flirty and super confident. They can be really strong mentally, but they hate it when people misjudge them. For them, the worst match is a Scorpio because they can be mentally strong and sometimes even stubborn. Scorpios are fun, but they’re not the best ones to give out compliments, which is what the Leo always craves. Scorpios can also become jealous which can clash with the Leo’s flirty and charming nature.


Virgo, you are helpful and caring and have an artistic touch in everything you do. For you, the worst match would be a Sagittarius because they love the chase of a relationship while you hate it. You both will always have the aura of uncertainty in your relationship- one foot out and one foot in. You may find them to be too carefree and the fact that they don’t think a lot about how their actions affect others can literally put you off.


Libra, you are sociable, carefree and quirky. Your worst match is possibly a Virgo, because they can be too uptight for you at times, which may leave you feeling trapped. You don’t want someone who you have to persuade to do wild things, you want someone who is always up for the crazy ride, and the practical nature of Virgo can annoy you a lot at times. They may also be critical of how carefree you are, which can make you doubt yourself.


Scorpio, you are known for your reliable nature, and for you, the worst match is Aries, because they can be too fiery whereas you are looking for a soft and loving relationship. Aries always wants to have their way, and that may not work well for you. Aries also don’t really open up about their innermost feelings, whereas you want complete transparency. You may be good as business partners or friends, but not life partners.


Sagittarius, you have an unmatched energy and positivity. For you, the worst match would be a Taurus because Taureans aren’t as spontaneous as you, and they are busy with their calm and practical lifestyle, whereas you like to go crazy sometimes. Taurus wants to play safe when it comes to making decisions, and they don’t like drastic changes as much as you do. You may be fiery, whereas they may be down to earth.


Capricorn, you are honest, loyal and ambitious and for you, the worst companion would be a Gemini  because they have a lack of understanding and don’t really offer that kind of support that you’d expect. Geminis are hard to change, whereas you can change easily as needed, and when the time comes, you may feel that they are being too stubborn. They may also find you very boring, whereas in reality, it is just that they want to be wild all the time.


Aquarius, you can be a bit over-protective and you may have a hard time with people who do not reciprocate your loyalty. For you, the worst match would be a Cancer, because they can be just too emotional for you. You may be independent, whereas they may feel you are neglecting them. They want a honest relationship from day one, whereas you are more casual and like to have fun in the beginning.


Pisces, you are a born romantic and have a huge respect for emotions, but your worst match would be the Virgo, because they are extremely critical and too practical, whereas you are dreamy and sensitive. Both of you can often find it tough to see eye to eye, and you can clash a lot with them. One minute you may be happy with them, and the next minute you will not, which can leave you feeling unconfident- something that is the worst for you.


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