These Two Drug Dealers Got High and Called The Police… On Themselves

2 drug dealers, armed with both ‘snacks and stuff’ and 20 pounds of cannabis, were arrested outside of Rexburg, Idaho after they called the police… on themselves.

Yes, we can only begin to imagine how high these two fruitballs got before they were paranoid enough to give into the phantom cops who were ‘following’ them. Well, I can’t put it into the same context as these two beaming rays of laughter and intrigue, so the video is below.

Ayala-Doliente and Holland Sward, 23, contacted the police after they exited Highway 20, and the Land of Sobriety.

Investigators found 20 pounds of cannabis, in a dog cage, that was in their vehicle.

Ayala-Dolitente and Sward were each charged with one felony count of trafficking marijuana. Sward has been given 5 years of probation, and 30 days in jail; Ayala being given 1 1/2 years in prison.

Symbolism Abound

Let’s really look at this case.

These men were basically harmless to the extent they turned themselves in. I found this story both humorous and pretty sad.

The US government has admitted that cannabis can kill cancer, treat epilepsy and so much more. The University at Saskatchewan has proven it re-stimulates brain-cell growth, and the money that can be made from industrial hemp alone can revolutionize our planet via more income and mitigating pollution and much more. Just take a look at Colorado as a great example.

Meanwhile… pharmaceutical drugs kill over 100,000 Americans a year via adverse reactions alone. Yet, how many of these pharmaceutical execs ever get arrested for the damage that they have directly caused? It is well known that the US prison system (the largest population in the world) has been sustained via the failed ‘war on drugs’ – which is a war on freedom in actuality.

So, who are the real criminals here?


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