This Fighting-Dog Pit Bull Never Experienced Love His Entire Life… Until Now

When I saw this video, I found what I had been seeking: a display of unconditional love.

This is the type of energy, that we need in order to mitigate the disparity we can sometimes see in the world. Also, the fact that this beautiful animal was still willing to approach this woman, despite being put through enormous abuse – speaks volumes to me.

A story that began in pain, has evolved into a journey of love and wanderlust, as this pit-bull has been adopted, and is currently traveling with his new owner. I love a happy ending.

The woman in the video, is named Maria Sanchez, and all credit goes to her, and the team at the SBC Shelter. Those wonderful people have created a superb platform for animals who were born and raised in a dark environment, to then give them a new breath of life and opportunity. I invite you to show your support by giving them a ‘like’ on Facebook, and or anything else in your ability.


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