This Freakishly Chilling Story Might Just Change Your Perspective On Life

The Story Of A Lifetime

Sometimes you find a story that seems so surreal that it feels like it was born from a fantasy novel.
This is the chilling story of a man named Daniel Northcott. Barely 20, he set out on a decade-long quest to travel the world across four continents and dozens of cultures. Through ruins and cities, war zones and sacred sites, he captured each precious moment on camera with an eye for what interconnects us all to each other, our planet and the Universe.

When Things Went South

In April of 2007, Dan’s journey led him to a greater adventure than he had ever imagined. Despite warnings of an ancient curse, he brought home a bone from a sacrificial Mayan burial cave in Yucatán, and just months later he was diagnosed with leukemia – cancer of the bone marrow.

When Daniel learned 8 years into his film project that he had only months to live he began a race to complete his unfinished film. With over 3 thousand hours of footage, and no energy or time left, he made a 40-minute sketch of the film and left the footage in his will to his sister Erin Northcott. His last wish was for her to complete his film.

Watch this video they posted on their fundraiser.

Hold On A Second

As a film maker myself, I ask you to imagine that this happened to you and what it would be like for someone you don’t know to help you complete your dream. Even just $10 gets your name in the credits of a movie that will surely make a mark on mankind forever. Even if you couldn’t afford financially, letting someone know that this project exists is one of the greatest services you could do. Not to mention, its easy with those buttons at the bottom of the article. I’ve never been so anticipatory about a movie coming out. Somehow I feel like in watching it, I am a part of his journey.

Look at what these people said about the demo showing:

Here is the link to the fundraiser:

If you choose to accept it, lets help them get the word out about this story. The buttons are below.


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