This Harvard Neuroscientist Died and Came Back With This Chilling Message…

Dr. Eben Alexander, was struck with severe bacterial meningitis November of 2008. His story is one that needs to be heard – everywhere.

His entire neo-cortex was being destroyed by E. Coli. The neo-cortex, is the part of your brain that makes you ‘human’. Without this, you cannot hallucinate, dream, or even articulate thoughts. The doctors told his wife, Holly, that she would be raising their children on her own, even if he survived, he would be rendered a vegetable.

While being in a coma for a week, Alexander describes a realm, one without form, time or space. He called it, the ‘Realm of the Earth-worm’s Eye’… He was saved from this place by a beautiful light.

Well, I’ll just let him finish from there:


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