This Hotel Is So Haunted You Have To Sign A Waiver To Stay There

This hotel is known as Hotel Shanley and it is considered to be the most haunted hotel on the east Coast. Guests have to sign a waiver in order to be allowed to stay there!


This hotel is tucked away in the quiet Shawangunk mountains of Ulster County. This horror house is home to at least thirty-five rooms, a hidden basement chamber and a ton of paranormal activity to make things even better. This place was built in 1895. Hotel Shanley has been the site of many many tragedies including things like:

  • Infant death, (the original owners three children)
  • Death of the on-site barber’s daughter. (She fell into a well.)
  • Many other deaths
  • Missing persons
  • Murder reports

With that being said it’s no wonder that supernatural happenings are reported at just about all times throughout the day and night at the Inn. There seems to be more activity in the part of the inn that used to be a prohibition-era brothel and speakeasy. Guests often report that upon entering the ‘bordello” they feel lightheaded or have a shortness of breath as well as feeling heavily sad or overly happy.

If this sounds like something thrilling to you then maybe Hotel Shanley is your next hot vacation spot. There are lots of fun things you can expect to have happen during your stay many different things have been reported throughout the years. Things like:

  • Empty rocking chairs rocking on their own
  • Mysterious clock chimes
  • hot spots
  • Cold spots
  • Disembodied footsteps
  • Children laughing when no one is around
  • Whistling
  • Objects moving on their own
  • Apparations
  • Feeling as if you’re being watched
  • And many more



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