This is How You Really Express Your Sadness, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

We all deal with emotions. Sometimes the emotions are good and other times well, they suck.

Feeling sad is one of the most terrible things a person can go through. Being overly sad can be crippling, to say the least, and leaves most people feeling as if they aren’t capable of even getting out of bed. Now, that being said sadness and depression (I am sure you have all heard of depression) are similar things but are NOT the same thing. Depression is a mental illness and requires treatment.

If you want to get an idea of how you often spend time dealing with your sadness your zodiac sign is a good place to look for information. Our signs as I have told you before tell us a ton about who we are in this life. How does your sign express sadness?


You ignore your sadness. When shit gets bad you put on a mask and pretend to be happy.


You hide away from everyone when you are feeling down. There is not really any set way to deal with what you are feeling so you don’t even try.


You wallow in self-pity. If someone close to you asks about how you are feeling you will open up quite easily.


You express your sadness well but in some cases dwell on things for far too long.


You try to use your sadness to benefit you. Yes, you’re thank kind of an asshole.


You shut down when you are upset. You won’t talk to or listen to anyone at all. This could be seen as a good thing though considering when you are sad you have no filter when it comes to what you say.


You fake happiness no matter how sad you are. People will often think there is something off about you because of this though you are great at hiding things it is not something you want to be good at.


You express your sadness in the physical world. When you are down you will do something to pick yourself up. You will do anything to get your spirits back up be it playing a game or having sex.


You are not sad often, to be honest, you don’t usually feel much of anything. When you are sad you overthink it and make it worse on yourself.


You work through your emotions. In your mind this world is already depressing enough, your sadness does not matter.


You too ignore your emotions and bottle them up inside.


You are aware of your emotions and address them as need be. Nothing truly gets you down.


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