This is What Happens When Celebrities Wake Up


Just 10 days before the big kick off of NFL season Will Smith releases a trailer for his new movie “Concussion” which is sure to rock the world perception of truth this Christmas.

Ever since Will Smith and his son Jaden made the awakened movie After Earth about overcoming fear the Smith family has been on my radar.  Now with Will using is position of fame to make a movie focused on the lies covered up by the NFL there is sure to be waves of change that can no longer be ignored.

If you haven’t seen it already check out the trailer to his new movie about the hidden corruption and cover up of the effects of repeated head injuries being linked to serious health problems.

I feel that the most powerful part of this trailer is when Will Smith, portraying Dr. Bennet Omalu demands over and over that they just simply “Tell the Truth!”  If you think about it that is all we are asking everyone in this world to do.  Be you a regular person, a corporation, government official or medical professional all we are asking is that you simply tell the truth.

Will Smith is clearly in defense of the players in the NFL and hopefully with this new level or awareness we will help prevent more problems and stamp out corruption at the core.  This is truly a bold move for the movie industry.

What do you think about the NFL, big organizations coming clean, and the use of the movie industry to expand awareness.  Let us know in the comments below.


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