THIS Is What The Month That You Are Born Says About Your Life!

The month that we were born on can say an awful lot about who we are destined to be from birth. Using one’s birth month to determine a person’s character is actually a standard practice in numerology.

If you were born in January

If you were born in the first month of the year, you are ruled by the number one. This means you are an independent born leader. You feel the need to stand out from the crowd and are definitely known for being creative and having the ability to make things happen. People tend to follow you naturally without questioning it because of how charismatic you are.

Personality Traits

If you were born in January you are most likely very stubborn and love to teach as well as be taught. You never look at a person’s flaws or weaknesses and are hardworking, smart, and sensitive. You definitely know how to make other people happy.

What do scientists say?

As it turns out people born in January are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s and even Epilepsy. It has been theorized that this is because they’re exposed to less sun during their time in the womb and even in the first month of their lives.

If you were born in February

If you were a February baby you are ruled by the number two. This means you are more empathetic than other people. A relationship means everything to you and you’re willing to spend a lot of money throughout your life while searching for that special person you’re going to be with for the rest of your life. It may be hard for you to be self-sufficient but people born in February actually usually make great parents and are very caring.

Personality Traits

These people are full of abstract thoughts and are very clever. These people can be overly shy at times but are very honest and loyal. They love making friendships but you’ll never know that firsthand.

What do scientist say?

It turns out people born in this month are more prone to sleeping disorders.

If you were born in March

People of this month are ruled by the number three they seem to find themselves in the right place at the right time just about all the time. These people seem destined for fame and have an ability to make money quickly. However, they are prone to being unfaithful.

Personality Traits

These people have a very attractive personality and are very affectionate. These people are usually musically talented and love attention.

What do scientists say?

People born in March are usually more likely to have asthma problems because their mothers are deprived of vitamin D.

If you were born in April

If your birth month is April then you’re ruled by the number four. You are bossy and impulsive and are very creative. You have trouble making friends and have trouble keeping them as well as life partners because you usually push them away by being overly bossy.

Personality Traits

This person is very active and has a strong mentality, has a very good memory and is very loving person.

What do scientists say?

Babies born in April are more likely to become alcoholics. This is once again because of the lack of sunlight in the womb, especially for those in the Northern hemispheres.

If you were born in May

You are ruled by the number five. Expressing yourself is very important to you. You have high respect for authority and believe in the sanctity of marriage. You hold your friends on a very high level and spend a lot of time socializing.

Personality Traits

These people are often stubborn and strong willed. They are very easy to anger and don’t tent to have very many children. They are highspirited and hardworking individuals.

What do scientists say?

These people are more susceptible to glaucoma. This is said to have something to do with sunlight exposure during their time in the womb.

If you were born in June

Ruled by the number six these people are very romantic and can be extremely jealous sometimes. they are fantastic lovers and sometimes tend to get hung up on the past. This person tends to always be in the know with the latest gossip and does not like children.

Personality Traits

These people are easily influenced with kindness and sometimes put things off until the last minute. They are funny and love to joke around but can get hurt easily and seldom show their true emotions.

What do scientists say?

June babies are the ones who catch a break since they receive more sunlight in the womb. They are however likely to have vision issues.

If you were born in July

Lucky number seven, this person is very sincere and has a deep care for their family. they will go to great lengths to protect relationships but are loners so they sometimes confuse the people who care about them.

Personality Traits

Usually, quiet people unless they are tense. They have a reputation as being hard workers and are fun to be around. Loves to be alone and broods about the past often.

What do scientists say?

Prone to have dieting issues as well as depression.

If you were born in August

You are ruled by the number eight if you were born in this month. These people are very loving and strive to see the good in everyone they meet. One of their weaknesses is developing health related issues from overworking themselves. They often have a team spirit.

Personality Traits

This person loves to joke around and cut up. They are brave and fearless as well as generous. This person loves to lead and be led is sensitive but not petty.

What do scientists say?

These babies are more likely to struggle in school. These children tend to pursue vocational careers.

If you were born in September

Number nine, these people are destined to be very different. They are highly intelligent and very organized. Their biggest weakness is becoming depressed. They have a tendency to over analyze situations as well.

Personality Traits

These people are very cautious and quiet. They are very calm and sensitive. However, they tend to bottle up their feelings until they explode which can be toxic.

What do scientists say?

These people are likely to succeed in school as they are usually the oldest ones in their classes.

If you were born in October

number ten is the number controlling these individuals and they seem to be naturally lucky. They can be very argumentative though when crossed which leaves them with a huge capacity for revenge and deceit. They are well known leaders.

Personality Traits

These people love to talk and love whoever loves them usually.  They get angry easily and are focused on inner and outer beauty. These people also love to travel and are usually interested in art and literature.

What do scientists say?

It seems these people tend to live at least on average, one hundred and sixty days longer than the children born in the spring. This is because they receive the best amount of sunlight in the womb.

If you were born in November 

Number eleven, these people are positive energies. Sometimes they get overwhelmed by their own sensitivity. They often set examples for others and make great teachers.

Personality Traits

This person has a lot of ideas and is usually a forward thinker. They are not very talkative but are very determined in general. They can be romantic but are usually uncertain in relationships.

If you were born in December

Number 12, these people are usually wealthy and find love easily. They have a very active social life and value stability. If you ignore them they will not keep you around long.

Personality Traits

These people are overly impatient but are usually fun to be with. They love to be social and are honest and trustworthy. They tend to hate restrictions.

What do scientists say?

People born in this month are likely to have asthma issues thanks to the peak in the cold and flu season in which they’re usually born.


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