This One Thing is Keeping You From Waking Up

There is one thing in this world that is keeping you, your friends, and everyone you know from fully waking up.  This is the concept that people meditate upon for generations upon generations, lifetimes upon lifetimes to discover.

How about we skip to the end, skip to the part where we have meditated for lifetimes are we are finally ready to find the key to liberation.  The freedom from the self, and unshackle ourselves from the controls around us and within us.  The death of the ego and the shift into true freedom, peace, and happiness.

Are you ready for this?  Because if you are not you won’t accept it when you hear it.  ‘How could it have been this simple all along?’ You will ask yourself.

The answer we have all been looking for, the key to waking up is self-acceptance.  In order to bypass the ego and slip into the endless peace, Nirvana, Buddha hood, and enlightenment itself is though total and complete acceptance of the self.

Shunyamurti, founder of the Sat Yoga Institute, explains in the video below how this works and how to release your false ideas about who you are as you fully and completely come to accept your true self.

We are not the stories we have always told our self about who we are.  We are limitless beings that are connected to all that is. We have long come to accept our false projections as us and we fall into that trap when we observe the people around us as well.

We live shackled to the lie that we are only our thoughts, emotions, and what we see in the mirror.  When we fully accept ourselves, with the love and compassion we have always thought that we needed from someone else, we open ourselves up to the complete releasing of our attachments to the false projection of the self.  Then we are ready to be free in our unlimited, timeless, and awakened self.

Welcome to the peace you have been looking for.

Thank you for reading and please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Sat Yoga Institute


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