This Simple Japanese Trick Will Let You Overcome Any Obstacle

All of us set goals and challenges for us to overcome – and just as often we fail to achieve them. We keep telling ourselves that tomorrow is the day we make it happen, but we never do.

We pursue them with vigor and energy at first but once we’ve made a bit of effort we tell ourselves we’ve done enough. We convince ourselves that it’s time to take the “starting a whole new life” thing a bit slower.

The problem that arises here is that we are trying to take on too much, at far too fast of a rate. We quickly get sick of our newfound responsibility because changing the way we’ve done things for so long is so difficult.

Just A Single Minute A Day

Kaizen has been a practice in Japanese culture for a long time. It is the idea of a “one-minute principle” Kaizen is the idea that a person should practice doing the same thing for a single minute, every day, at the exact same time.

Almost anyone should be able to carry out a given task for such a small amount of time. While you might not have the time or motivation to do something for 30 minutes to an hour, you should be able to do it without issue for only 60 seconds.


The Pursuit of Continuous Improvement

Whether it’s doing pull-ups or reading a page of a book in a foreign language. This task won’t seem like an unpleasant grind that you must trudge through. Because it is only a minute a day you will begin to look forward to accomplishing your minute goal. By taking one tiny step at a time, you will move on the path of self-perfection and achieve profound results with time.

You will begin to overcome the lack of confidence you may or may not have in your own ability, as well as free yourself from the feeling of helplessness that may accompany trying to complete a daunting task.

Celebrate each step you take.

You will experience a sense of victory and success as you continue to move forward. When these feelings begin to inspire you, you will gradually increase the time you spend doing your task each day.

Perhaps it’s just 4 or 5 minutes more, but then those few minutes will turn into an hour or maybe even two. The one-minute principle will let you see your progress right before your eyes, without it feeling like a chore.


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