This Will be Your Luckiest Month In 2018 (According To Your Zodiac)

The behavior and movement of planets and stars, whether you believe it or not, do have an impact on many aspects of your life. For every zodiac sign, there are certain months that can prove to be tough and unlucky, while others can be amazingly lucky.

Keep reading to discover which one’s going to be the luckiest month for you this year, as per your zodiac sign.


Aquarius, the month of February is going to lend you all the luck you need and you’ll finally have the confidence to speak up for what you really want. You may have been shy and timid, but this month will make you feel strong and will give you the chance to accomplish what you really want in life. June will also be a good month for you in the year 2018.


Pisces, you’re a sensitive person and you tend to feel really hurt when you’re not lucky, and for a long time now, you may have been considering just that. This year, however, things are about to chance. You’ll feel the luckiest in February and December, and they’ll bring you immense joy and happiness.


Aries, 2018 has, in the beginning itself, turned out to be a good year for you. You may be experiencing progress in many areas of your life, and it will continue to happen so especially in March, April and December, since these three months are going to be the luckiest ones for you, where you’ll experience success and energy in everything that you do.


Taurus, you’ve been stuck in a rut for a while now, and you may not be happy with where you are at the moment, but stay strong, because things are about to get better. This year, you’ll feel the happiest and luckiest in April and June which will bring prosperity, and it will open your mind to new experiences.


Gemini, you may be feeling stuck- like you’re not doing things to the best of your abilities, and you may also be experiencing indecisiveness and frustration. However, this summer is going to be a lucky one for you, because June and July will help you explore the world and travel a bit more and have more control over your emotions and feelings.


Cancer, you may be having a hard time accepting and letting new people into your life, and you often find it difficult to open up completely. This is why you tend to experience problems in relationships and friendships. But hang on- there’s a lot of luck coming your way in February and July- two of the luckiest months for you this year!


Leo, you have a fast paced lifestyle, and lately you may be feeling slowed down and constricted. You may be experiencing lack of personal growth and it may be getting on your nerves. Stay strong Leo because July and August will bring you loads of luck and will help you create new relationships and make them stronger.


Virgo, you may be feeling a bit stressed out lately and it may feel like life’s ups and downs are taking a toll on you. You may also be feeling unlucky but that’s about to change. You are about to experience more luck in September which will give you a huge lot of stress relief after a long time.


Libra, you’re not usually into taking risks, and you may be feeling unlucky when it comes to romance, but the moths of June and October will help you form new relationships and friendships and make your year a lot lot better.


Dear Scorpio, you may be experiencing a loss in clarity and generally distracted when it comes to your thoughts and actions. The months of May and November, however, will leave you feeling more energetic and will help you gain more clarity in life and what you really want.


Sagittarius, you love to travel and explore and have a love for adventure too. 2018 is going to be really good for you in that department especially in November and December when you’ll get to explore and even form a new hobby or rekindle an old relationship.


Capricorn, people can usually connect with you emotionally, and you’re able to have a conversation with those around you pretty easily. You may come off as a friendly person, and this year, especially March and December, will bring you lots of stability and luck as far as your friendship and relationships are concerned.


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