After Doing THIS Thought Experiment You’ll Start To Question EVERYTHING Humanity Knows!

After Making THIS Thought Experiment You'll Start To Question EVERYTHING Humanity Knows!

There were a couple of times through known history when humanity turned out to be a real snob. We thought that the stars orbit us and that we are the center of The Universe.

There were times humans killed fellow humans just for expressing an idea that what humans thought they knew may not actually be true. And it turned out it wasn’t. Yes, REAL SNOBS!

However, even in the present days we think that we have almost all the answers. As science progresses we are getting snobby again. What if, most of what we think we know today, turned out to be wrong in the future. Isn’t there a chance that the theories we bet our lives on are false, or not entirely true?

Have you ever done a thought experiment? It’s easy! I assure you that you will reconsider the validity and seriousness of our knowledge after watching the video below!

A Thought Experiment


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