To Project or not to Project


Have you ever wanted to look at yourself sleeping, or perhaps take a moonlit walk in the fires of a volcano? Maybe the idea of spending time with astral beings or going on a spiritual quest sounds exciting to you. If so well, here’s your guide!

In 1972, Robert A. Monroe published his book Journeys out of the body where he explained how he started to involuntarily have out-of-body experiences also known as OBE’s. He wrote an awesome guide that has really created a huge foundation for the world of astral projection today.

How to Astral Project or have an out-of-body experience.

1. Relaxation– Of course, I know what you’re thinking, why must everything spiritual require relaxing? I asked myself the same thing. Being relaxed helps you stem the feeling of urgency. It is when we slow down that we gain access to all of the gifts of the present moment. This is where our super powers really are.

Allow yourself plenty of time to become fully relaxed. Monroe suggests that we work on getting into a borderline state between sleeping and being awake.

2. Focus on the Void– Your brain may still be playing the video reel of the events during the day. Just imagine flipping the switch to stop the film. This is what helps me clear my mind.

If that doesn’t work for you, yet, try bringing all of your thoughts into slow motion. Keep slowing down the images and ideas until seconds pass between each one.

FLIGHTOBEmaster23. Borderline sleep– Now it’s time to practice a deep level of borderline sleep. This half asleep half awake state is characterized by a loss of the senses. We should lose touch with the physical world and stop noticing sounds, smells, touch, and taste.

Now I assume that your eyes were already closed during this process so your vision shouldn’t be interrupting your deeply relaxed state. Once you feel you have accomplished step 3 move on to the next step.

4. Vibrational Stage– Monroe describes this step as a vibrational state. Lying with your head to magnetic north and feet to the south concentrate on the blackness behind your closed eyes. Now shift your mental focus gradually until it’s above you.

Observe yourself in this state without fear. When you are able to repeat the experience without anxiety it is time to observe your own vibrations up and down your body.

5. Separation– This is the part when you separate your consciousness from your body and enter the astral realm. Visualize yourself floating up or moving your astral body out of your physical body. Once you are outside of your body you should be able to look back and see yourself laying peacefully on the bed.


To test if you have been successful try and flipping on a light switch or reaching through a wall to see if you are indeed nonphysical. If you find that you are in the astral realms your thoughts will guide you. Just think about flying and you will lift off, going through walls and right up into the night’s sky.

You can travel through all kinds of different mental realms, visit your friends, loved ones who have passed, or just enjoy outer space if you would like. Once you are ready to come back just think about being back next to your body and you will find that you teleported, or quickly zoomed home.

The first time this happens it can be a bit scary because it is a new experience. Just remember that you are completely safe and that this is just a new and exciting way to experience the mental or astral realms of reality.

If you have made it this far and would like to learn more then you should check out the book by Robert Monroe or check out

Ricky Elmer

p.s. Stay astral my friends.

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