Incredibly Hard-Hitting Speech To Awaken Humanity… In A Disney Movie?

I often wonder why we find more and more truths exposed in movies and TV series. Some say it’s a subliminal way for writers and producers to help spread awareness without being targeted for speaking out publicly. Others say it’s a way to discredit the truth by making it appear to be science fiction. Others believe it is the “elite’s” way of laughing at people by putting truths right in their faces while they continue living and believing their lies. I personally believe that all of it happens, but it varies per cases. The movie “Tomorrowland” is another case of painfully precise truths revealed in entertainment. But this time, it’s a little different. Instead of it being simply about highlighting the ills of our society and blaming the perpetrators… there’s a little twist.

What if, this time, it’s the villain telling you to pick yourself up and make a change?


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