Top 10 Spiritual Places With The Strongest Energy Fields You Must Visit!

Many people who are either outdoor enthusiasts, or just generally spiritual people seek their spiritual experiences in nature. Across the world, there are various destinations that contain spiritual significance that is both sacred and spiritual places in nature. With thousands of years of spiritual history, these places can provide answers and enrichment on our paths to enlightenment, as well as provide concentrated energy that will bring you to new heights in your spiritual path.

These are the top 10 spiritual places found in the world that are worth visiting, regardless of your religion or spiritual views.

1. Machu Picchu, Peru


It has been said that the sacred city of the Incas is magical, and this is indeed very true. Built high in the Andes, this particular place is one of the “Seven Wonders of the World”, and boasts of amazing scenery and stone monoliths that will leave you in awe of its energetic qualities. It seems that this place itself channels massive amounts of energy and allows people to experience something that is out of this world.

2. Crater Lake, Oregon

Claimed to be a major intersection of the Earth’s global grid, it is said that healing clay can be found there. Not only that, but there are several powerful vortexes that are claimed to still exist around Crater Lake. This area was formed 8,000 years ago after a massage eruption led to Mount Mazama collapsing. Plunging nearly 2000 feet below ground, this lake is the deepest in the US and the seventh deepest in the world.

The Native American Klamath tribe has always found this lake to be a spiritual and sacred site. One legend says that the Chief of the Above World and the Chief of the Below World battled against one another, leading to the destruction of Mount Mazama. Long ago, tribesman would use Crater Lake for vision questing. This area is still considered a highly spiritual spot. As a part of Crater Lake National Park, as well as a part of spiritual history rich with potential for the experience of a lifetime, consider making this a list topper on your places to see list!

3. Easter Island, Chili


Easter Island, Chili is a highly isolated location and is not very well known to the general public. However, it is the home to some very massive statues, which interestingly enough cannot be linked to any particular creator. Scientists have absolutely no idea of how exactly they originated. The mysterious qualities of the island don’t stop there either. There are 53 stone houses which form an uninhabited village. There are no windows or doors in any of these homes. The big mystery concerning this island, though, is the “Navel of the World”. This is a circular stone that many believe holds the secrets of the universe as it supposedly collects most of the spiritual energy lines of our planet.

4. Mount Kailash, Tibet
Located in the North of the Himalayas, Tibet, this fascinating mountain is the spiritual center of four great eastern religions: Tibetan Buddism, Hinduism, Jainism and the ancient Tibetan religion that came before Buddhism-Bongo.

Many people have traveled from around the world to this mountain, and currently, a growing number of people believe that Mount Kailash is the energy center of the Earth. It is always a popular belief that the entrance to the Forbidden City-Shambhala- is located near the mountain. Going on a pilgrimage around Mount Kailash, and swimming in Lake Manasarovar, also located near Kailash, are considered spiritual experiences that encourage redemption while washing away the sins we have committed during our lifetime.

5. Rila, Bulgaria

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People have referred to Rila Mountain as the Nose of the Earth, due to the fact that it stood above everything else without submerging into water. Although things have changed today, this mountain still stands close to the heavens and has managed to preserve some of the most impressive miracles found in this spiritual epicenter, namely the beautiful Seven Rila Lakes and the mesmerizing Stob pyramids.

The former boasts powers of spiritual cleansing by thousands of people each year, while the latter serves as natural anthology rich in ancient myths and legends.

6. Sedona, Arizona

Not only is Sedona beautiful and serene, it has long been considered a spiritual power center. The power and energy that emanates from the vortexes found in Sedona are unmatched. The energy that is found in Sedona is the main reason for the large New Age community that has begun to grow in the area. These communities, which hold a variety of spiritual beliefs, practices, and healing modalities are the reason Sedona is often referred to as a spiritual Disneyland.

Anyone who has a sensitivity to subtle energies would be overwhelmed with the experience of standing in one of these vortices, as the energy that flows through you can be intense. People from around the world come to Sedona to experience this.

7. Socotra Archipelago

Socotra is an archipelago of four islands in the Indian Ocean to the Horn of Africa. The largest island occupies about 95% of the total area. Many species that are found in this regions are specific to this region only, due to isolation. The majestic landscapes make this area appear to have come straight from a science fiction movie.

When you are in this area, the appearance and feel can make it seems as though you have slipped into another dimension. You can be connected directly to the cosmos through the energy channeled in this spiritual minefield.

8. Stonehenge, UK

Stonehenge lies silhouetted against the skyline and overlooking the windswept Salisbury Plain. In the past centuries, as well as today, many theories have been provided in an attempt to explain the existence of this stone temple. However, the reason remains a mystery.

Stonehenge is world famous for its spectacular solar alignment that can be seen at the summer solstice on June 21st. The midsummer sun is seen rising over the Heel Stone from the center, causing thousands of people to gather at the monument each year to experience this majestic sight. Ancient people found the cycles of the Sun and the Moon to be importance, and they revered these bodies as powerful deity that could impact their daily life. These people also found areas of the Earth as massive energy portals and vortexes and used them to build statues, monuments, and temples which helped them connect more powerfully to their own spirituality.

9. Bosnian Pyramids, Bosnia

Based on carbon analysis, it has been found that these pyramids have been around since before the Neolithic period. This would make them over 12,000 years old, or older than the Egyptian pyramids, which seem to be more commonly well-known. The lake which is found below it is beautiful, blue, and clear of any negative presence. This water is referred to as living water because it is said that it purifies the body. Rooms are also found below it which are underground, and known as the “healing rooms”. Many say that these rooms cause the human body to regenerate faster, causing quicker healing to take place in the body.

10. The Plateau Uluru, Australia


As Australia’s spiritual center, this place is located right in the middle of the continent. Many locals, as well as tourists, say that you can feel the energy emanating in the area quickly upon arrival. A hollow plateau faces you and is locally referred to as Tiukurpa, meaning Dreamtime. Spiritual visions can be common while you are in the Uluru Plateau.

Modern life can be very chaotic, and it becomes impossible to sit back and seek solace in the realms of our own mind and soul. These experiences not only center us while relieving stress, but also push us in a more spiritual direction where we can access inner peace, gratitude, forgiveness, and much more enlightenment. Visiting any of these places that are rich in spirituality and organic energetic fields is a great way to step back and find your own true spiritual awakening.


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