Top 10 Traits Of A Fully Empowered Woman

There is an air about a strong woman that is undeniably attractive, yet has nothing to do with appearance.  She knows who she is, what she wants, and isn’t afraid to go out and get it.  Empowerment is a moment to moment journey that rests on each decision we make.   If we as women can make more decisions from a place of inner strength, we can create a better life, and ultimately, contribute to more empowered gender.

Here is a list of top 10 traits that, if embodied, will explode your empowerment meter:


1. She Takes Responsibility For Her Life

An empowered woman knows that to own your power, you have to own your sh*t. She is continually healing, learning and growing at all times.  She uncovers and heals the fears, wounds, sabotaging patterns, and limiting beliefs and that have held her back. She heals her past wounds because she knows that if she doesn’t, she will continue recreating them.  She releases unhealthy patterns from her lineage.  She questions the subconscious societal narratives that have limited the role of ‘Woman’ in the world.empowered_women

Embodiment: Notice when you are acting from a place of fear, a limiting belief, or from someone else’s desires.  Challenge yourself to make new choices.  Find the support the and the healing that you need. This can sound overwhelming, but with the right resources to support you, it is well worth it.


2. She Makes Her Own Rules

Empowered women know that they are are the authors of their own experience.  When you heal and clear old beliefs, programs and patterns that are not your highest truth, you make room for what is.

Embodiment: Decide who you want to be and what you want to create in the world.  Know that you are worthy of having all your desire.  Know that it is your birthright to be prosperous, in vibrant health and be surrounded by love.  It is your birthright to live in a free, peaceful and thriving world.  Women know how to create this, we just need to believe it first.  Don’t forget that we are Creatrixes, Life Givers, and that we have the power of Creation in our wombs.  Use it.


3. She Honors Herself

Empowered women love and honor themselves.  They appreciate their bodies and their cycle. Yoga_460

Embodiment: You are precious. Your body is a miracle. Your cycle is a gift.  You are a beautiful being! Admire your physical beauty.  Appreciate the fact that your body is in tune with nature’s cycles.  Be proud to be a woman and enjoy these gifts.

You can honor yourself and your body through making positive choices that increase your nourishment and vitality.  Eat foods that make you feel light, energized and powerful.  Exercise. Spend time in nature. Rest when you are tired or when you are on your cycle. Have fun in your body through dance or touch.  Compliment yourself in the mirror, or create a self-love ritual or letter.

4. She Lives By Her Inner Compass

An empowered woman listens to, speaks on, and acts from her inner knowing.  She trusts her intuition and isn’t afraid to own it. She doesn’t say I don’t know, because she does.

 She is in constant communication with her heart, her womb, and her body.  She has learned what it feels like when something feels right, and when something doesn’t.  Sometimes her inner knowing comes in the form of words and other times a feeling. She knows that, however subtle the whispers may be, her inner voice always knows what’s up. happy-woman-in-field

Embodiment: Use your  inner compass to tell you where to put your time and energy, and when to speak up.  Trust your bodies intuition and inspirations.  If it makes you feel open, inspired and excited, go for it.  If what you are doing makes you feel contracted or closed off, its a clear sign something needs to shift.


5. She Values Her Passions

Empowered women value their own passion so much, that they structure their lives around it. They know that they are worthy of living an inspired and juicy life, and it is up to them to create it.

Embodiment: Act on what you love, and not what you don’t.  All the time.  No excuses. This goes for relationships, work, hobbies, etc.  Your schedule and life should reflect your passions, values and goals. Be patient because this is a continual and evolving process.

Trust that your highest purpose is always sprouted from your greatest passions, and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.  Know that the Universe supports you to pursue your greatest joy, and you that are so worthy of that support!  Share your passions with the world, they are your greatest gifts and contributions to the planet.


6. She Chooses Empowering Relationships

Empowered women surround themselves with high-quality people who really see them, and support their greatest good.


Embodiment: We teach others how to treat us, and to what degree we allow people into our lives.  Choose relationships that reflect your joy, freedom and empowerment.  Choose friends, partners and business connections that allow you to feel seen and appreciated. Choose people who believe in you, bring out your best qualities, and support your dreams.

You deserve to be met.  If you aren’t being met in your relationships, do what you need to do to change it.  Find like-minded people that can honor you for who you are and what you bring to the world. You may need to expand beyond your comfort zone by ending a relationship, leaving a job, meeting new people, or moving to a new place.  If so, refer to number 8 🙂


7. She Takes a Stand

An empowered woman knows what she stands for, and so does everyone else.   She takes a stand for what she believes in.  She embodies her message, and her life is a living testament to her cause.


Embodiment: We are not victims to our circumstance, so take a stand for what is important to you. Speak your truth and set boundaries to protect what you value.  This can look like setting boundaries in your schedule, in your relationship, or at your job.  It can be fighting for a cause or even starting a business. We create our own rules, remember?


8. She Develops A Relationship With Fear

Empowered women are courageous, but not necessarily fearless.  A fan once asked India Arie how she made it, and her response was, “I was scared every time, but I did it anyway.”

Embodiment: It takes courage to meet your growth edges, and to keep expanding your upper limits. It takes courage to meet your shadow, to take risks, to do things alone, or even to to ask for help.

Have compassion for the part of you that is afraid.  Ask yourself, what is the worst thing that could happen if I did this (usually it’s not even that bad).  Acknowledge that you can totally handle that outcome.  The more you lovingly accept, yet challenge your fear, the less fear you will have. You can do it!


9. She Empowers Other Women

We are most empowered when we come together and support one another.  One of the most common societal illusions, is that other women are our competition, or that another woman’s beauty and success threatens ours in some way.  NOT TRUE. Jealousy comes from a sense of lack, which is an illusion.  There is more than enough time and space for all of us to shine. We are unique in every way, and no one elses brilliance could possibly compete with our individual gifts and beauty.


Embodiment: If you become aware of some jealousy about another woman, know that you are only seeing a mirror of your own positive qualities.  If it is something you haven’t developed yet, thank her internally for showing you what is possible for you too.

The more our sisters shine and succeed, the more we can as well.  Lift other women and up and help them to discover their fullest potential. Supporting and nurturing one another is what women do best.  Meet new women, create a gathering, start a meetup group, have accountability meetings, or whatever calls to you.  When we join together in the support of sisterhood, anything is possible.


10. She Owns Her Pleasure

Empowered women know that they are worthy of receiving massive amounts of pleasure, in it’s many forms. They allow themselves to enjoy their food, their sensuality, their bodies, a good book, a beautiful dress, a sunset, or a bouquet of flowers. They choose relationships that are honoring, nourishing and bring more pleasure to their lives.

Embodiment: Notice how much you are willing to receive from life, and find delightful ways to increase your capacity for experiencing pleasure.



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