The REAL Truth About Negativity The Whole Internet Doesn’t Understand!


We usually try to avoid negativity. The whole internet tells us that “you should detach from anything that brings negativity” or “let go of negative individuals”

However, I guarantee that if I ask the whole internet what is negativity, half of the people preaching about negativity would have no idea, and not yet explain it.

Many people think that negativity or negative emotions are emotions of sadness, anger… THAT’S NOT TRUE!

Every emotion from the emotional specter is there to help you. It’s the same as with words. You cannot say these words are positive and these are negative. They exist to help you form sentences and communicate. Same is true for emotions. They are the language of your heart.

Negativity happens when we try to avoid or run away from certain emotions. So, in a way, detaching and letting go from people who you perceive as negative paradoxically will create more negativity in your life because you are not LISTENING to what your heart is trying to tell you.

There are people who, instead of being constructive they are destructive for them and everyone around them. This is not your negativity, it’s theirs. Of course you should consider moving away from these individuals, or at least teaching them a better way (normally if they accept to be taught).

But if you isolate from people just because you try to run away from your perception of negativity you are not solving anything. You are running away from the problem and the solution.

What you perceive as negative is a projection of your own negativity. No matter how far you run or how isolated you become, that negativity will always be there with you. Instead, you should start listening to what your heart is trying to tell you.

Here is a great guide what your supposedly negative emotions are trying to say


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